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PDO Thread Lifts in NY and NJ

Tighten and lift your skin for facial rejuvenation.

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Dr. Lanna is an in-demand cosmetic surgeon who has developed into a top master injector and trainer in NY and NJ. Patients from all over the country fly to NY and NJ to receive Dr. Lanna Aesthetics services. Whether it’s her Signature Liquid Facelift or any of her transformative treatments, you can expect high-quality service that produces stunning results. This can help change the way you look and feel about yourself.

Aging can cause your skin to lose its elasticity over time. As a result, you may notice your face start to develop folds or flaps in certain areas. This can affect not only how you look, but how you see yourself. But before resorting to more invasive solutions like facelifts, polydioxanone (PDO) threads are the less invasive solutions that can provide effective results. 

When you get your filler injections from Dr. Lanna Aesthetics, you know you’re in good hands. With over 10,000 aesthetic treatments done, Dr. Lanna has developed her skills and expertise to become a prolific cosmetic surgeon and master trainer who can provide unparalleled results for her patients.

What Are Polydioxanone Thread Lifts?

Thread lifts are a procedure where temporary sutures can visibly lift loose skin. During invasive facelift procedures, cosmetic surgeons remove excess skin to create a taut appearance. But during a thread lift, a cosmetic surgeon stitches portions of your skin to pull your skin back and give a lifting and tighter appearance. 

Not only does the procedure lift your facial skin, but it also triggers your body’s natural healing response. The sutures trigger your body to heal the punctured skin by producing higher amounts of collagen. This can help with your skin’s health and give it a younger, glowing appearance. 

Thread lifts can be done with various types of thread. PDO threads are colorless and biodegradable threads, which means they can safely dissolve after around 6 months. The PDO threading procedure is safe and can also assist your body’s natural process to rejuvenate and naturally tighten your facial skin. 

Why We Recommend PDO Thread Lifting

There are three types of thread lift procedures that can address skin laxity. Aside from PDO threads, there’s also polylactic acid thread and polycaprolactone thread. Among the three, PDO has been around the longest and has been commonly used in medical and cosmetic surgeries since the ‘80s. 

Aside from physically lifting your skin and giving your face a tighter appearance, it can also benefit your skin internally. By helping collagen production, your skin can get the health boost it needs for rejuvenation. Compared to other threads, it’s the ideal choice for those who want to rejuvenate their skin or get the effects of a moderate facelift.

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As the top master injector in NY and NJ, Dr. Lanna has helped countless patients achieve the look of their dreams. Let Dr. Lanna Aesthetics help with your beauty goals today by scheduling your consultation.

Benefits of Getting a PDO Thread Lift

PDO Thread Lifts are the more convenient alternative for people who want to see a subtle but visible lift for their facial skin without resorting to drastic surgery like facelifts. Facelifts are an invasive procedure that requires sedation and having someone drive you home. After that, most patients need up to two weeks of downtime to fully heal.

In comparison, PDO thread lifts can take less than an hour. You don’t need anyone to drive you to and from the medspa, nor do you need weeks of downtime. It’s the perfect solution for those on the go who don’t want to pause their life for a procedure. 

But that’s not all. Other benefits of getting PDO Thread Lifts include:

  • Triggering your skin’s healing process. This can trigger collagen stimulation. In the process, new collagen can make your skin healthier, more elastic, and younger-looking.
  • Lowering risk of complications compared to facelifts. When getting facelift surgery, there’s a risk of scarring and severe bruising. Minor side effects can happen, but these aren’t permanent. 
  • Treating various folds around your face. These are stubborn signs of aging you can find around your cheeks, jaw, neck, and eyes. 

Process of PDO Thread Lifts

Before getting thread lifts, you’ll have an initial consultation with Dr. Lanna Aesthetics. You’ll discuss your problem areas, what PDO thread lifts can do for you, and if you are a suitable candidate for getting PDO thread lifts. Dr. Lanna Aesthetics can also recommend additional treatments and practices you can do to help you achieve your beauty goals. 

First, your face will be disinfected and then a local anesthetic will be applied to the treatment area. Next, Dr. Lanna Aesthetics will make a small incision with a needle. Then, they’ll use a cannula to thread the PDO thread into place to create a suture. This whole process can take around 45 minutes to one hour. 

Aftercare Tips

You’ll need minimal recovery time after your PDO thread lift. Like other minimally invasive treatments that involve needles, there may be some side effects like swelling and bruising for the first 48 hours. However, it can take up to two weeks for the bruising to fully heal. You can resume most of your daily activities, but be sure to take note of the following aftercare tips. These can reduce the discomfort of side effects and prevent affecting the results of your treatment:

  • Avoid touching the treated area to avoid dislodging the stitches for the first week. 
  • Avoid practices that cause you to purse your lips, like smoking or drinking through a straw for a few weeks.
  • Avoid strenuous activities for up to 2 weeks.
  • Practice sleeping on your back to avoid affecting the stitches.

A Cosmetic Experience Like No Other

Dr. Lanna isn't called The Celebrity Liquid Facelift Doctor for no reason. Dr. Lanna's injectable expertise and technique can help anyone achieve their ideal beauty goals. Call us today to schedule your first consultation with Dr. Lanna Aesthetics.


Why Dr. Lanna Aesthetics?

Dr. Lanna is a highly sought-after board-certified cosmetic surgeon in NY and NJ who has done over 10,000 aesthetic treatments in her medical spa. Together with her team, they exceed the expectations of their clients and train aesthetic professionals to perform successful cosmetic procedures.

During your initial consultation, feel free to ask Dr. Lanna Aesthetics any questions about PDO thread lifts, alternative cosmetic treatments, and other questions you have about reaching your beauty goals. We want our patients to understand the process they’re undergoing, how it can help their appearance, and anything else they want to know about the procedure.


Q: How much are PDO thread lifts?

A: The price of a thread lift can vary on a number of factors, including the extent of your procedure. Thread lifts are best for moderate skin sagging that does not need the drastic results of cosmetic surgery, so it’s the more practical and minimally invasive solution. 

Q: Who is an ideal candidate for PDO thread lifts?

A: Thread lifts are ideal for adults in their late thirties to early fifties, as this is the age many adults start to notice their skin drooping. Most patients with severe skin sagging may benefit more from facelifts. However, those who cannot have cosmetic surgery may opt to have a more subtle transformation with thread lifts. 

Q: How long do thread lifts last?

A: The PDO thread will dissolve around after 6 months. How long the effects of the thread lift last can vary between patients, though it’s usually 1 to 3 years. To maintain your results for longer, you can have new sutures replaced after the olds ones have been absorbed.