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Forma Facial Treatments in NY and NJ

Safe and non-invasive skin tightening treatments to reclaim your youth

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Meet Dr. Lanna, Your Expert Forma Facial Provider

Providing effective aesthetic treatments around NY and NJ

Dr. Lanna is an established board-certified aesthetic doctor in NY and NJ. Having performed over 10,000 aesthetic treatments in her career, she has become a popular master injector and master trainer that delivers the highest level of results to her clients. With her unparalleled experience, skills, facilities, and her team of highly-trained providers, many people fly in from all over the country just to have Dr. Lanna handle their aesthetic transformation. 

As you age, your skin loses a lot of its collagen and elastin. The result: duller, older-looking skin that’s prone to sagging, fine lines, sun damage, and other signs of aging on your face. Rather than resorting to more invasive skin tightening options like facelifts, you can receive a non-invasive skin tightening procedure that uses radiofrequency and thermal energy to boost your skin’s collagen production and improve its appearance. 

Dr. Lanna and her team are ready to improve your appearance and help you achieve your beauty goals. Book an appointment today to schedule your initial consultation and see the difference when you get your Forma Facials to rejuvenate your skin. 

What Is Forma?

Forma is a non-invasive skin tightening treatment that rejuvenates your skin by naturally stimulating collagen production. Using a Forma device, Dr. Lanna will administer radiofrequency and thermal energy to heat up the layers of skin within the treatment area. This is enough to boost collagen production within that area, which can then nourish and improve the appearance of your skin. Older and damaged skin cells that give you a tired and dull appearance can be replaced with younger skin cells that rejuvenate your appearance and give you a more youthful glow. 

Getting Forma Facials is generally safe, convenient, and non-invasive. Many patients who opt for Forma treatments are those with facial wrinkles they want to smoothen out. It can also be used to treat signs of aging around the body, including stretch marks, rough spots (such as knees and elbows), and neck wrinkles. 

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As the top master injector in NY and NJ, Dr. Lanna has helped countless patients achieve the look of their dreams. Let Dr. Lanna Aesthetics help with your beauty goals today by scheduling your consultation.

Why We Recommend Forma Facials

Signs of aging are inevitable in everyone, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with them. As you age and your collagen levels drop, your skin is more susceptible to damage and signs of aging. But rather than resorting to invasive cosmetic surgery that comes with risks, side effects, and lengthy recovery periods, you can get effective non-surgical skin tightening treatments that offer similar results. 

Key Benefits of Forma Facials

Many patients that have received Forma Facials from Dr. Lanna and her team have seen a noticeable improvement after following their treatment schedule. Some of the key benefits of choosing this procedure for skin tightening and skin rejuvenation include:

  • Beautiful, natural-looking results. Rather than using products or substances to affect your skin’s condition, this treatment uses non-invasive thermal energy to stimulate your natural collagen production. This can lead to naturally younger-looking results.
  • Non-invasive anti-aging. Not everyone has the time or physical health to undergo cosmetic surgery, and even minimally-invasive treatments can cause some discomfort. Forma Facials are non-invasive and use thermal energy to stimulate collagen production. 
  • Minimal downtime or recovery period is necessary. Most patients find that minor side effects from radiofrequency and thermal energy treatments are similar to a mild sunburn that subsides within several days. These side effects are manageable, and many patients go on with their daily routine after treatment. 
  • Boost your existing skincare routine. Regular Forma treatments can supplement your at-home regimen for skin rejuvenation. See better results when you get effective treatment to increase your skin’s collagen. 

Our Process for Forma Facials

Before our patients receive treatment, they must undergo an initial consultation with Dr. Lanna. This appointment will help you learn more about Forma Facials, what it can and can’t do for your skin, and whether it can help you achieve your beauty goals. Dr. Lanna can also determine if you’re a qualified candidate for Forma Facials or if there’s a better treatment designed for your skin condition. 

Getting Forma Facials can take around half an hour per section. First, a cooling agent is applied to the treatment area to minimize discomfort. Using a handheld device, your provider will apply the wand to the treated area in smooth, broad strokes. Patients will feel a manageable level of heat, similar to a hot stone massage, and can be adjusted for maximum comfort. 

After your treatment, it’s normal to feel mild discomfort in the treated area as a side effect. This can be minimized with over-the-counter pain relievers or home remedies like ice packs. Most patients usually need up to 5 sessions scheduled one week apart to see visible results. 

A Cosmetic Experience Like No Other

Dr. Lanna isn't called The Celebrity Liquid Facelift Doctor for no reason. Dr. Lanna's injectable expertise and technique can help anyone achieve their ideal beauty goals. Call us today to schedule your first consultation with Dr. Lanna Aesthetics.


Why Dr. Lanna?

Dr. Lanna is an in-demand aesthetic doctor in NY and NJ with over 10,000 successful aesthetic treatments under her belt. With her facilities, experience, background, and her team of highly-skilled professionals, you can expect the highest levels of quality in her work. If you want to look your best, you’ll need to have the services of an experienced provider. And with her proven track record and work in training aesthetic providers on the best practices, Dr. Lanna is the best person for the job.  

During your initial consultation, feel free to ask Dr. Lanna any questions about receiving Forma Facials. Rather than just providing treatment, Dr. Lanna can answer your questions, determine if you’re a suitable candidate, and recommend alternative treatments that best meet your needs. 


Q: How long do the results of Forma Facials last?

A: After completing your recommended number of treatments, many patients notice the difference in their skin for up to several years. Results may vary between patients and factors like your lifestyle and health can affect how well you can maintain your results. Maintenance treatments may be necessary to ensure high collagen production.

Q: Who can get Forma Facials?

A: Forma is non-invasive and safe for all ages. However, it’s best for patients within the ages of 20 up to their late 50s. Treatment can benefit young adults by smoothening out rough areas like your knees and elbows, while older adults can treat signs of aging. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Lanna to learn more. 

Q: How safe are Forma treatments?

A: Forma is FDA-approved and used by plenty of aesthetic patients in the US. It’s non-invasive, so you can avoid the risks of cosmetic surgery and the discomfort of injections. It’s also safe for all skin types, unlike certain types of laser treatments.