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Learn how to perform the Celebrity Liquid Facelift like a pro!
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To my esteemed aesthetic colleagues and friends

Thank you for your interest in learning my beginner to advanced techniques. I am excited to get you trained on my techniques! My training schedule has been super booked since there is definitely a boom of patients wanting aesthetic procedures! My training is very high yield, intense 2 days of training with one day of shadowing me and seeing how I do my consultations and neurotoxin to advanced full liquid facelifts and the other day you injecting all day with likely one other injector.

Once you sign up, I send you all the powerpoints as well and your training day will include 5-7 models and all products are included so there is no additional cost to you! My courses are different because I teach you the nuances of making your patient beautifully restored and refreshed. It’s not just about cookie cutter technique, it’s about how I am able to teach you to make your patients look beautiful with minimal bruising and pain.

I will also teach you my clinical and business pearls and most importantly, you have access to me to ask questions anytime as I will continue to be your mentor even after the training! I can’t tell you the amount of texts and messages I get asking whether or not this is a bruise or vascular occlusion! Most importantly, I teach you how to be safe when you inject and what you need to watch out for and what to look for!

The course is 6K and includes 2 days and all of this! I also have access to discount products at www.facemedstore.com and access to turnkey med spa manuals to help you start your own and also state specific regulations!

I am located on 140 W 58th St., Suite A, New York, NY 10019. Your shadow day may be in one of my other offices depending on the days you come! I look forward to a lifelong mentorship and our training day!

To see my work, visit www.instagram.com/doctorlanna
Thank you and look forward to helping you advance your aesthetic career!