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Face Med Store

Founded in 2019 by Dr. Lanna and her colleague, Dr. Hardik Soni, FACE Medical Supply is dedicated to providing medical supplies for cosmetic and wellness practices at a fraction of the typical cost. As a provider, you can obtain quality products at an affordable price and strive to deliver the best customer service.

At FACE Medical Supply, each product is a comparable alternative to more expensive options in the market place. This means that you can decrease your expenses and improve your profitability. Product offerings are based on where the greatest demand is in the marketplace, and we are continuously adding new items to our store.

Lastly, Dr. Lanna stands behind the quality of FACE Medical Supply products. Your satisfaction is of the highest priority. You will receive a refund on any purchase within a month for any reason.



Microcannulas are medical needles that provide more flexibility and control than traditional sharp-tipped needles. The benefits of microcannulas are to ensure that the needles move more freely and easily when used—not to mention the added benefit of having fewer entry points. Ultimately, microcannulas allow you to carry out a procedure with the most comfort for your patient. FACE Medical Supply offers a variety of sizes and types of microcannulas that are half the price of Dermasculpts.


Cosmetic Laser Equipment

Are you looking for laser machines with hair removal or IPL features? FACE Medical Supply offers premium products at reasonable rates.

Pep Factor for Hair Restoration and Skin Rejuvenation

FACE Medical Supply is the sole distributor of this synthetic alternative to PRP for hair and skin. The beauty of this revolutionary product is that patients do not have to have their own blood drawn.



FACE Medical supply also offers thermometers, masks, safety goggles, plasma pens, syringes, and more. For more complete product line and to place orders, go here.