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Dr. Lanna and her team at LC Medical has performed over 10,000 successful aesthetic treatments. See the transformative results for yourself and learn why she’s the “Celebrity Liquid Facelift Doctor” sought out by people all over the country

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Aesthetic Procedures with Dr. Lanna Aesthetics in NYC

Experience fillers and Botox in the hands of an experienced team of master injectors. Dr. Lanna Aesthetics is a sought-after team of aesthetic professionals, headed by Dr. Lanna Cheuck.

Clients looking for stunning treatments fly all over the country just to experience the magic of the Dr. Lanna Aesthetics team. With us, you'll be treated to dedicated, safe service focused on helping you achieve your beauty goals.

Liquid Facelifts
Dr. Lanna’s Signature Procedure

Dr. Lanna’s signature treatment has earned her the reputation of “The Celebrity Liquid Facelift Doctor”, and she has the results to back it up. This is a non-surgical facelift that uses injectables like Botox and dermal fillers to correct all the signs of aging around your facial area.

Compared to regular facelifts, our liquid facelifts are customized and offer full correction for all the signs of aging. Say goodbye to problem areas like tear troughs, wrinkles, fine lines, facial fat loss, and all the other aging signs that can give you an older, more weary appearance. The result: a naturally younger and refreshed look.

Dr. Lanna’s liquid facelifts are safe, affordable, and minimally invasive. Avoid the invasive procedures and longer downtime that regular facelifts require when you get the solution that’s custom to your own facial features!

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Elevate your Aesthetic Injector skills and Med-Spa business with Dr. Lanna

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Why Choose Dr. Lanna Aesthetics?

Dr. Lanna has built a successful med spa practice that has serviced many patients in New York City. She has trained many aesthetic providers on the correct techniques and practices, and you can benefit from getting your aesthetic treatments with her skills and expertise.

Get your aesthetic treatments from an experienced board-certified surgeon with over 10,000 aesthetic treatments performed.

A highly sought-after aesthetic doctor with patients who fly in from all over the country.

A Master Injector in aesthetic medicine that has trained many successful aesthetic professionals

Signature liquid facelift can tackle all the signs of aging on your face

Help you achieve your beauty goals with a custom treatment plan

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Neurotoxin Injections: Botox, Dysport, & Xeomin

Neurotoxin injections are one of the most common aesthetic treatments received in the United States. But to get the best results, you should get your botulinum toxin injections from a qualified and experienced aesthetic provider that has a track record of beautifying results and satisfied customers. Let Dr. Lanna treat those unsightly fine lines and deep wrinkles to give you naturally smooth and softer skin.

Botulinum toxin injections like Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are FDA-approved to treat wrinkles like forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, and other types of dynamic wrinkles. These work by temporarily freezing facial muscles for up to four months, allowing your skin to soften and smoothen by avoiding creasing. Neurotoxin injections are a fast treatment that take less than 30 minutes and require little to no downtime.

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Dermal Fillers for Women and Men

Dermal fillers can be used to shape and restructure your face, restore facial fat that has diminished with age, and augment your cheeks. Dr. Lanna’s dermal filler treatments can provide you with a naturally fuller and youthful-looking face that can last from 6 months up to several years with a few minor touch-up sessions.

Both women and men can benefit from dermal fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, and more. These are a safe FDA-approved procedure that adds volume to areas that are naturally thin, deflated with age or depressed acne scars. Getting dermal fillers is a fairly quick procedure that provides instant results.

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World Class Service
from a Celebrity Aesthetic Surgeon

Dr. Lanna and her team are committed to providing safe, effective, and technologically advanced aesthetic services. Looking and feeling your best means feeling confident in your own skin, and Dr. Lanna has transformed the appearance of countless satisfied clients that have achieved their beauty goals through her services.

Our luxurious med spa services in NYC include surgical and minimally invasive treatments you’ll need to take on various aesthetic issues that can prevent you from looking your best. We have patients flying in from all over the country with high expectations, and we take steps to achieve your goals with effective procedures.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Dr. Lanna has gone above and beyond for me over the past 5 years. She’s so caring and thoughtful and has helped me tremendously when no one else could. I’m so thankful for her and her whole staff who are also so wonderful and friendly and kind. I 100% recommend her and will always be a loyal patient of hers!

    Alexa Armon
  • I love love coming here for my skincare. Staff is very profesional and extremely accommodating. Lovely experience every time!

    Leidy Almonte
  • I had the pleasure of shadowing Dr Lanna on several occasions. She is kind, intelligent, professional, and most importantly very talented! (check her instagram). Highly recommend for others training in aesthetics or new patients looking for aesthetic medicine treatments.   

    Dr. Jarrett Schanzer
  • Dr Lanna is wonderful. I go to Jake and Cynthia and they are both true artists and professionals! I trust them completely with my face, they are also incredibly honest, which is so important in this industry when you are putting your face literally in the hands of someone else. Five stars!

  • I took an advanced training course with Dr. Lanna and highly recommend it to any injector. She provides perfect models, her own fillers, and we covered such a great variety of areas and techniques. Her feedback and guidance are priceless. So happy that I’ve connected with her. She is truly an amazing teacher and a wonderful human being (not to mention a pure artist)

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Our services

Dr. Lanna Aesthetics has helped countless patients achieve their ideal beauty by using the most trusted and proven treatments today. See what Dr. Lanna Aesthetics can do for you:

Laser Hair Removal

Permanent reductions in unwanted hair are now within reach - with precision laser technology and the knowledgeable specialists at Dr. Lanna Aesthetics.

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    Rejuvenate your look, strengthen your healing, and restore your self-assurance with PRP therapy – all by making use of the healing elements found in your own blood. Join us on this journey to optimal health and beauty with PRP therapy at Dr. Lanna Aesthetics.

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      Vampire Facial

      Say goodbye to dull, tired skin, and embrace the future of skincare with our revolutionary Vampire Facial treatments.

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        Vampire Facelift

        Using cutting-edge technology and the patient's own blood, this non-invasive procedure stimulates collagen and elastin production to improve texture, restore shape, and rejuvenate new tissue for a more radiant appearance.

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          PRP for Hair

          This groundbreaking treatment harnesses the power of your body's natural healing mechanisms to stimulate hair growth and rejuvenate dormant follicles, giving you the thicker, healthier hair you've been dreaming about.

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            With benefits like improved firmness and strength of erections, increased libido, and even a possible increase in girth, P-Shot therapy can help elevate your sensual satisfaction and embrace a new era of confidence in your intimate life.

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              Designed to revitalize your intimate life, these breakthrough treatments empower you to embrace your sensual side with newfound assurance.

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                Are you tired of struggling to get rid of stubborn fat? Diets and rigorous exercise not giving you the results you're looking for? We get it.

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                  Woman's Health

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                    Facial Plastic Surgery

                    Dr. Lanna and her team provide in-demand services for aesthetic treatments. With Dr. Lanna’s skills and track record of over 10,000 satisfied clients, people from all over the world fly to New York City to visit her med spa for transformative aesthetic solutions.

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                      LC Medical Aesthetics by Dr. Lanna has solutions for overweight and obese patients seeking support for losing weight and leading a healthier lifestyle. We offer semaglutide injections to promote weight loss from within and set you up for success in your path toward a healthy weight management journey.

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                        Forma Facial

                        Forma is a non-invasive skin tightening treatment that rejuvenates your skin by naturally stimulating collagen production. Using a Forma device, Dr. Lanna will administer radiofrequency and thermal energy to heat up the layers of skin within the treatment area.

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                          Morpheus8 Prime

                          Morpheus8 treatments are a convenient, effective, and non-surgical option for older adults who want to reclaim their youth. But for anti-aging treatments around delicate areas like the skin around your eyes and lips, you’ll want treatment specifically designed for the subdermal and dermal remodelling around those areas.

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                            Signs of aging among older adults is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to live with them – and the insecurities they drive. If you want effective anti-aging skin-tightening treatments without resorting to invasive surgical procedures like facelifts, Dr. Lanna’s Morpheus8 treatments may be the perfect non-surgical procedure to add to your treatment plan. 

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                              AccuTite is a minimally invasive procedure for facial and body contouring that uses radiofrequency technology to tighten saggy skin, eliminate fat cells, and remodel the treatment area.

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                                FaceTite is a popular minimally invasive procedure for a reason: it tightens the facial skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles without the need for highly-invasive facelift surgery or tons of skin care products.

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                                  Skin Tightening

                                  Laser skin tightening is an extremely effective way to tighten loose skin and erase a few signs of aging on your face. In the hands of aesthetic experts like Dr. Lanna and her team, a laser skin tightening treatment can help you fix skin laxity without the need for a surgical procedure.

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                                    Botox and other neurotoxins achieve unparalleled results at reducing the appearance of static wrinkles (wrinkles that move up and down). Comprised of Botulinum toxin, neurotoxins do wonders to create a smoother appearance in terms of forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, chin wrinkle, and more.

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                                    Body Contouring

                                    Body contouring or body sculpting is a fat-reduction treatment that can help you reshape an area of your body by eliminating excess skin and fat cells. Through lipolysis, we can eliminate up to 25% of your fat cells in the treated area within 4 to 6 months.

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                                    PDO Threads

                                    Thread lifts are a procedure where temporary sutures can visibly lift loose skin. During invasive facelift procedures, cosmetic surgeons remove excess skin to create a taut appearance. But during a thread lift, a cosmetic surgeon stitches portions of your skin to pull your skin back and give a lifting and tighter appearance. 

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                                      Dermal fillers are effective in restoring volume in hollow parts of the skin and erasing the fine lines and wrinkles. In the hands of aesthetic experts like Dr. Lanna Aesthetics, filler injections can also be used for several cosmetic treatments like lip augmentation, tear trough correction, non-surgical rhinoplasty, liquid facelift, and more.

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