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Travis, NY

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Tucked away on Staten Island's East Shore is the tight-knit community of Travis.

The history here goes way back to the early 1800s when it started out as a little farming village.

Nowadays it's grown into more of a suburban neighborhood that's part of the big NYC picture, but folks still value and actively preserve that small town feel. 

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Travis is home to around 3,000 residents according to the 2010 Census. 

Travis Demographics

Most residents live within Census Tract 291.02, which defines the boundaries of Travis. This tract also technically includes the adjacent neighborhoods of Bloomfield and Chelsea. However, the vast majority of people counted reside right in Travis itself.

The racial diversity you find in Travis creates a tapestry of cultures. Residents have roots from around the world, including Latin America and Asia. This contributes to the variety of languages, foods, and traditions experienced in the community.


Initially called Travisville in the early 1800s after a man named Jacob Travis, the village went through a few name changes before sticking with Travis in the late 1800s.

A major development came in 1873 with the founding of the American Linoleum Company. Led by inventor Frederick Walton, it transformed the economy as skilled English immigrants moved to Travis to work there.

The village became known as Linoleumville as production boomed. By the early 1900s, 700 residents relied on jobs at the plant. However, the factory closed down in 1931 due to economic challenges.

Residents decided to rename Linoleumville as Travis once more.

Quality of Life

From an economic standpoint, Travis is fairly affluent. Census data shows the typical household earns over $80,000 annually.

Unemployment tends to stay low around 4%. Additionally, fewer than 13% of residents live below the poverty line.

Numerous parks surround Travis, like the Staten Island Zoo and Staten Island Children's Museum.

Overall, the safe environment, economic stability, top-tier schools, abundant parks and varied businesses combine to offer residents of Travis a very good standard of living. 

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While there are no hospitals directly within Travis, the nearby Staten Island University Hospital serves as an important healthcare asset for residents. Located just a few miles away, SIUH provides inpatient and emergency services 24/7. It has a staff of over 1,300 physicians and treats over 100,000 patients annually.


Travis is a relatively safe place to live. Crime rates are lower than on Staten Island overall. However, there are still some dangers to watch out for.

According to NYPD data, Travis saw few murders or rapes in 2022. Robberies and assaults were also limited at around 20 and 90 respectively. Yet other crimes like burglaries, thefts, and auto theft did occur over 100 times total.

With a little vigilance, residents have found Travis to be a friendly place to call home. But remembering simple safety tips helps citizens feel confident and provides an extra protective layer against the few problem areas.


Travis is crossed by Victory Boulevard, a major island thoroughfare established in 1816.

Once promoted as the fastest route connecting New York and Philadelphia, it's now served by the busy S62 and S92 bus lines traveling the North Shore.

While no longer boasting an active ferry terminal, the neighborhood does benefit from other modes of transport. Freight trains run regularly on tracks belonging to the Staten Island Railway. These lead inland to a container port and other industrial areas.

When commuting off-island, residents primarily rely on express buses to Manhattan.

During rush hours, the SIM32 runs direct along Victory Boulevard while the SIM2, SIM25 and SIM26 scoot residents along the West Shore Expressway with stops on local service roads. 

Shopping and Dining

Residents of Travis enjoy no shortage of options to shop for daily essentials or grab a bite.

Neighborhood grocers like Foodtown and Stop & Shop allow families to stock up close to home.

Pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens provide quick access to medications. Burlington Coat Factory and Marshalls offer wardrobe staples and finds.

For a wider selection, the Staten Island Mall just down the road satisfies multiple cravings under one roof.

Francesco's draws in diners for cozy suppers, while China King and Asian Food Market serve up steaming plates of favorites.

Those seeking Tex-Mex can do drive-thru or sit-down at Taco Bell and Chipotle. Greek, Indian and Japanese food also make their mark on the diverse palette.

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The educational needs of Travis's youth are well-met through the strong public schooling offered.

For youngest learners, PS 26 has been a neighborhood staple for generations, fostering early development with a caring approach.

Further opportunities arise at Tottenville High, a short distance west. Beyond standard academics, its diverse course catalog ranges from technical programs to advanced placement.

Points of Interest

  • Schmul ParkThis waterfront park has amazing views of the harbor. You can relax at one of the picnic areas or let the kids run around the playground. It's a beautiful place for a walk along the water too.
  • Travis Little League FieldWatching your kids play baseball is fun, but this field hosts games for the whole community. Grab a snack and cheer on the local teams on game days.
  • Staten Island Community TelevisionCheck out what's happening around the neighborhood on this public access channel. You can also learn something new from their educational shows.
  • Travis Civic CenterShop for fresh food at the farmers market or meet neighbors working in the community garden. There are also classes and activities if you're looking to get involved.
  • Staten Island Children's MuseumKids will love exploring the hands-on exhibits that bring science and art to life. It's an interactive way for them to learn through play.