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Dysport in Staten Island, NY

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Dysport from Dr. Lanna Aesthetics effectively improves the appearance of key facial lines. Our expert injections target muscles between your brows that cause forehead creases, the lines framing your nose known as "bunny lines" or "elevens", and crow's feet beside your eyes.

How Does Dysport Work?

Dysport is a prescription injection used temporarily to improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the brows. When injected into these muscles, Dysport blocks certain chemical signals needed for them to contract. This helps reduce the deepening of lines caused by repeated muscle contractions over time.

The effects are usually seen within a few days and last up to four months. During this time, movement of the treated muscles is weakened, so they can't furrow as deeply. This results in a smoother appearance of the brow and frown lines. As the body naturally breaks down Dysport over months, muscle function returns to normal.

The treatment process is quick and most clients feel minimal discomfort, if any. Results build over one to two weeks as muscles relax. Touch-ups may be needed occasionally to maintain benefits. Overall, Dysport offers an effective yet gentle way to help clients look and feel more refreshed.

How long will Dysport results last?

Dysport effects typically endure 3-4 months on average but outcomes can vary depending on factors like injection location, dosage and an individual's muscle structure and movement. 

The temporalis muscles near the temples tend to resume activity a bit sooner at around 12 weeks while bands between the brows might maintain a softened look for 16 weeks. 

The duration also depends partly on how well one follows post-care instructions to avoid excess muscle movements like furrowing that could accelerate wearing off effects. Overall, clients enjoy their smoother brows without constant upkeep for at least a full season.

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Is Dysport painful?

While most find Dysport injections to be minimally uncomfortable, it's perfectly normal to feel a quick sharp pinch or stinging sensation where the thin needle enters the small muscle. 

This acute pain resolves almost immediately. To minimize any potential pressure or ache, I like to apply a topical numbing cream on insertion points before beginning. I also go slowly, precisely targeting bands to deliver medication in a careful, controlled method. Staying relaxed yet distracted also helps manage what's typically mild prickly feelings for just moments. Proper anesthetic use, technique and a soothing manner can make the brief experience quite tolerable for relaxed clients.

When will I see results from Dysport?

Most patients start to see results from Dysport within 2 to 3 days of treatment.

It's important to note Dysport works gradually over 7-14 days as the medication inhibits muscle contractions underneath treated zones. 

During this smoothing period, some people notice a subtle relaxation while others may not witness changes externally at first. By 10-14 days, treated muscles have typically relaxed enough for others to notice a softened appearance in motion as well. 

Clients should refrain from making assumptions too soon and give the process sufficient time to take effect as intended. 

How long can I go back to normal activity after Dysport?

Once injected with Dysport, the client is free to immediately resume regular activities without limiting movement. 

No strenuous exercise, massages or extended sun exposure is required on the treatment day. In fact, carrying on with typical routines may aid the medication diffusion process. No dramatic down time prevents life disruptions. 

One should avoid heavy lifting for the rest of the day as a precaution but otherwise, work, travel and family responsibilities do not need adjusting. 

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How many Dysport treatments will I need?

For optimal, maintained lifting results between treatments with Dysport, most clients benefit from 1-2 initial sessions spaced 4 months apart. 

The first delivers visible smoothing while a second 4 months later reinforces the effects. Some may need additional touch-ups every 6 months as natural muscle activity returns marginally sooner in a few. 

We evaluate each patient individually at their follow up to recommend what frequency maintains their desired look. Consistency ensures seamless, long-term satisfaction without abrupt expiration or spending more overall.

Are there any side effects from Dysport?

Adverse responses with Dysport are rare and may include minor and temporary side effects such as headache, nausea, swelling at the injection site, or localized weakness.

This mild ptosis typically improves within a few weeks. Importantly, the purified formulation, when administered correctly by an experienced provider, rarely causes severe side effects or allergic reactions. Clients can find comfort in knowing that potential issues are uncommon and resolve on their own.

Can Dysport be combined with other treatments?

Using Dysport alongside other treatments creates total facial rejuvenation. Pairing it with dermal fillers smooths lines and hollows, while relaxing muscles above for a natural, youthful look. Skin needling, lasers, and peels also utilize Dysport's healing capacity for comprehensive renewal.

How long does a Dysport procedure take?

Although results build over time, our in-office Dysport process takes less than an hour. After a quick medical history review and examination, the administration usually takes 15-30 minutes, depending on the treatment zone. Any soreness subsides quickly, allowing clients to resume activities. We focus on delivering the specialized formula with precision and care, providing clients with a personalized and efficient approach to rejuvenation.

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As the top master injector in NY and NJ, Dr. Lanna has helped countless patients achieve the look of their dreams. Let Dr. Lanna Aesthetics help with your beauty goals today by scheduling your consultation.

A Painless Procedure with Long-Lasting Confidence Boost

Your consultation will include a detailed analysis of your areas of concern. Then, Dr. Lanna performs a simple, needle-free injection process taking just 15 minutes. Most clients feel only minor discomfort. Within days, you'll start seeing muscles relax and fine lines fade. Effects last 4-6 months so you maintain a youthful glow.

Experience Restored Self-Assurance Through Natural-Looking Results

By targeting muscle activity precisely, Dysport achieves a visibly smoother complexion without a "frozen" look. Five-star reviews praise Dr. Lanna's expertise at achieving a rejuvenated yet natural appearance.

Say Goodbye to Facial Lines and Rediscover Your Natural Beauty

Reclaim poise and self-confidence by addressing signs of aging effortlessly with Dysport. Your initial treatment package includes follow-up touch-ups ensuring maintenance for an entire year. Indulge in a new you this season – schedule your complimentary consultation today. Rest easy knowing our specialized expertise and years of satisfied patients.

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