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Under Eye Fillers in Staten Island, NY

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Are you self-conscious about the appearance of bags and darkness under your eyes? You're not alone - under eye circles are one of the most common beauty complaints. But now there's a solution that can dramatically improve the look of your under eyes without extensive downtime or recovery.

How Do Under Eye Fillers Work?

Under eye fillers work by replacing lost volume in the delicate under eye area. As we age, the skin and tissues around our eyes naturally become thinner. This causes shadows, bags, and lines that contribute to an overtired or sad appearance.

Dermal fillers counteract this aging process by stimulating collagen production under the skin. Most plastic surgeons use hyaluronic acid-based injectable fillers for the under eye region. As the name suggests, hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that works to hydrate skin.

When injected in precise amounts by an expert provider, hyaluronic acid plumps up the skin from within. This instantly adds volume back to sunken areas or subtly smooths wrinkles. Over subsequent weeks, the hyaluronic acid further stimulates your skin's collagen fibers to generate natural structure and support.

The end result of under eye filler treatments is a fresher, more youthful look. Dark circles and hollowness are minimized, fine lines are softened, and the eye area contour is subtly yet effectively redefined. By lifting and filling under eye tissues, dermal fillers help diminish signs of fatigue, puffiness and aging.

With continual support from regenerated collagen, patients typically maintain their refreshed appearance from injectable fillers for 4-6 months initially. In my clinical experience, the results provide an immediate and long-lasting boost in confidence through a more wide-eyed, radiant look.

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Features of Under Eye Fillers

Here are the key features of under eye fillers from Dr. Lanna Aesthetics:

  • Hyaluronic acid filler injection - We use a stabilized hyaluronic acid gel formulated for facial applications.
  • Targeted treatment areas - Fillers are injected strategically under the eyes to replace lost volume in problem areas.
  • Natural appearance - Our techniques provide a subtle, youthful look without obvious signs of manipulation.

Advantages of Under Eye Fillers

Compared to other options, under eye fillers offer several notable advantages:

  • Immediate results - Most patients see a visible improvement right after their treatment.
  • Minimal downtime - You can resume normal activities immediately with minimal swelling or bruising.
  • Long-lasting effects - On average, results last 9-12 months before touch-ups are needed.

Benefits of Getting Under Eye Fillers

Getting under eye fillers from Dr. Lanna Aesthetics can provide these impactful benefits:

  • Looks of darkness and bags are reduced - Deep set areas look noticeably lifted and contoured.
  • Skin appears more youthful and rejuvenated - Fine lines and wrinkles seem softened.
  • Confidence is boosted - You'll feel more comfortable makeup-free or with minimal coverage.
  • Treatment is convenient - In-office procedure takes 30 minutes with virtually no downtime.

Ready to see what you could look like without under eye circles and bags? Contact our Staten Island office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lanna. She will examine your concerns, discuss treatment options, and help you achieve the beautiful, well-rested eyes you've always wanted.

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Why Choose Dr. Lanna for Under Eye Fillers in Staten Island NY?

As a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with over 10 years of experience, Dr. Lanna Cheuck has refined her technique to deliver natural-looking results her patients love. Some reasons to choose her for your under eye filler treatment include:

  • Extensive experience - With more than 10,000 aesthetic procedures under her belt, Dr. Cheuck has perfected her injection methods.
  • Expertise in injectables - She is renowned for her skill and artistry particularly with fillers, Botox, and other injectable treatments.
  • Pioneer in minimally invasive procedures - Dr. Cheuck was an early leader in innovations that minimize downtime and recovery.
  • Holistic approach - As a board-certified urologic surgeon, she considers your overall health and goals.
  • Passion for patient satisfaction - Dr. Cheuck's focus is helping you achieve transformative results safely and effectively.

Say Goodbye to Dark Circles and Bags For Good

When you choose Dr. Lanna Cheuck for your under eye fillers, you can feel confident you're in highly skilled and experienced hands. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation and to discuss if you're a candidate.

FAQ on Under Eye Fillers

What areas are commonly treated with under eye fillers?

One of the most frequent reasons patients choose under eye filler treatments is to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and frown lines around the eye area commonly known as crow's feet. Fillers may also help reduce eye bags and hollowness beneath the eyes to create a brighter, more well-rested look.

What types of injectable fillers are used?

The majority of plastic surgeons performing under eye treatments use hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers that effectively plump underlying tissues. The goal is to replace volume lost over time by stimulating collagen production for a smoother, more youthful appearance. Radiesse and Sculptra options provide longer-lasting volume.

What results can patients expect from fillers?

With skillful placement by an experienced provider, under eye fillers can help reduce signs of fatigue and aging beautifully. Done subtly, they blur fine lines and crepey under eye skin to a fresher, supple look without others realizing any cosmetic treatment occurred. Patient aesthetic goals tend to center around feeling more confident and rested.

Who is qualified to perform these injections?

It's important to thoroughly vet providers since the orbital eye area is particularly delicate. Only plastic surgeons or dermatologists board certified in their respective specialties have undergone extensive procedural training for facial injectables. Always ask about a provider's experience level and credentials before any treatment.

How long do under eye filler results last?

Most practices see effective visible reduction of under eye wrinkles and bags lasting 4-6 months on average from hyaluronic acid injections. More permanent options like Radiesse may maintain your refreshed appearance for 9-12 months. Individual factors play a role, though repeat touch-ups ensure ongoing satisfaction of aesthetic goals over time.