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Arrochar, NY

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Nestled on the west shore of Staten Island, Arrochar has long been a welcoming place for newcomers. For over a century, families from around the globe have enriched this community with their talents, traditions and dreams.

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The growing community of Arrochar is home to over 6,500 friendly folks. 

As you stroll through the neighborhood, you'll find an eclectic mix of cultures representing the diverse residents. Over 51% of locals identify as White, while around 16% are Asian and 13% are black or Hispanic.

DemographicPercentage of population
Black or African American13.7%
Hispanic or Latino13.0%

Families love calling Arrochar home thanks to the family-friendly atmosphere. 

More than one in five residents are kids and teens under 18 years old, keeping the energy high. The average age of 36 is slightly younger than other parts of Staten Island.

All those people live within Arrochar's small borders, giving it a dense vibrant feel. 

At over 23,000 people per square mile, it's more crowded than less populated 'burb areas of Staten Island. But that just means you're never far from friendly faces in this tight-knit community.


Long before European settlement, the native Lenape tribe frequented the dense forests and shimmering waters, using the land for hunting and fishing. 

As the 1700s rolled on, farming and fishing anchored daily life in the quiet hamlet. But in the early 1800s, Arrochar began transforming into a resort community. Situated near the prestigious beaches and amusement parks of South Beach and Midland Beach, summer tourists flocked to the young settlement.

The 1870s ushered in major change with completion of the Staten Island Railway. Suddenly Arrochar residents could easily commute to Manhattan for work. New homes and businesses cropped up around the depot to accommodate the growing population.

Today Arrochar's history steeped in indigenous cultures, progressive industry and shifting demographics lives on.

Quality of Life

Arrochar provides a high quality of life for residents.

Families love that essentials are close at hand. Quality schools, shops, and services line the streets, keeping life convenient. Whether you need groceries, clothing, or to see a doctor, most needs are just a short walk or drive away.

While Arrochar may lack flashy nightclubs or upscale boutiques, residents prefer its genuine charm and focus on people over material things.

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Arrochar residents know the importance of community. Whether it's tending to chronic needs or crisis care in an emergency, high-quality medical support is always close at hand.

Staten Island University Hospital: Just down the road, this leading medical center has it all - specialized units, top surgeons and a Level 1 trauma center for emergencies.

Richmond University Medical Center: As a teaching hospital, it trains the next generation of doctors while collaborating on innovative research.

Arrochar Community Health Center: Right in the neighborhood, the affordable services here go above basic treatment. Dietitians, counselors and health coaches empower people to manage conditions proactively.


Staying safe is a priority in any neighborhood. While crime is slightly higher here than elsewhere on Staten Island, residents look out for one another. By teaming up with local groups and law enforcement, they're building a bulwark against threats.

Folks watch each others' backs, especially in isolated stretches like South Avenue after sundown. Neighborhood watch volunteers help secure the community by reporting suspicious activity. The community safety council also advocates for improvements that empower residents.


In the past, residents enjoyed easy access courtesy of the Staten Island Railway cutting directly through the neighborhood. Arrochar boasted its own depot on the South Beach line until 1953 when bus service supplanted trains. 

Decades later, only memories remain where tracks once ran.

Thankfully, ample alternatives abound today. Living close to the Verrazzano Bridge places Arrochar within quick reach of express buses zooming to and from Manhattan for work or play. 

Routes like the SIM1 and SIM6 make bridges and tunnels just a short ride away.

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Shopping and Dining

Arrochar has lots of legacy shops. For example, generations have relied on Arrochar Pharmacy’s doorstop deals or picked plastic-wrapped produce from the busy Fruit Market stalls.

Beyond supplies, folks satisfy cravings at iconic haunts like Basilio Inn dishing family-style comfort since before most were born. La Isla Bonita brings colorful Mexican plates, while El Rey honors Peruvian roots. Even quickie joints like Greenwich Pizza or Mickey D’s fulfill on-the-go demands.


While test scores trail the wider borough, the schools at the heart of this community don't let numbers define their kids. P.S. 39 and St. Joseph Hill Academy nurture each learner as an individual, offering help wherever it's needed through one-on-one aid.

No child goes without advocacy - the city-wide Department of Education backs neighborhoods every step of the way. Summer fun, parent groups and ongoing teacher development pave the way for generations ahead.

Points of Interest

  • Arrochar Park: Folks from far and wide flock here on sunny weekends. Young’uns burn off steam on shiny new jungle gyms while grownups picnic in the grass. It’s the perfect place to unwind without ever leaving the neighborhood.
  • South Beach: This sprawling stretch of sand is a local favorite. Take a stroll as ocean waves crash and grab a slice from a boardwalk café. On summer Fridays, catch live tunes under the stars. It’s the heart of outdoor fun on a sunny Staten Island day.
  • Gateway Playhouse: Curtain up! Since 1933, this theater churns out hits that locals can’t help but cheer. Whether fancy musicals or intimate dramas, the thrill of live performance beckons culture-lovers back time and again.
  • Arrochar Historical Society: Delve into neighborhood tales with artifacts that transport back to simpler days. Peruse photographs and read firsthand accounts that showcase the characters and lore that shaped this village over generations.