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New Dorp, NY

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Families flock to New Dorp for its neighborly vibe and great schools. Young professionals come for the affordable rents and cool shops. Entrepreneurs are drawn to New Dorp's tight-knit community and opportunities to launch businesses in storefronts with personality.

This vibrant neighborhood seamlessly fuses historic charm with modern hustle and bustle. 


New Dorp has a long and storied history as one of the first European settlements in New York City. 

Founded in 1671 by Dutch settlers from the New Netherland colony, it was originally named Nieuw Dorp, meaning "New Village" in Dutch. The area was first settled after the English resurveyed the pre-existing Dutch village of Oude Dorp (now Old Town) and expanded the lots along the shore. However, the settlement was temporarily abandoned after several destructive battles between colonists and Native Americans.

By the late 1800s, New Dorp Beach was home to one of the Vanderbilt family's farms and a popular horse trotting track. The area continued to grow into one of the main population and commercial centers on Staten Island. New Dorp was officially incorporated into New York City in 1898 as part of the Borough of Richmond. 

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While not overly crowded, New Dorp does have a density of about 11,000 people per square mile. This is less packed than other parts of New York City, but still lively enough to support wonderful local businesses and community events.

Over the past ten years, New Dorp's population has grown by 5%, driven by new young families and immigrants settling in the area. 

Total Population of New Dorp-Midland Beach: 21,896 (2010 Census)

Population Growth (2000-2010): 7.6%

Population Density: 11,000 per sq. mile

African American8%

Quality of Life

New Dorp residents generally enjoy a quality of life that is comparatively higher than in other New York City neighborhoods and even the US. 

 As an upper-middle-income area, New Dorp has a higher income level than over 75% of American neighborhoods, providing residents with greater access to resources and opportunities. 


New Dorp residents generally enjoy good health. 

Preterm births and teen pregnancies are lower here than in other parts of New York City, according to a community health study made in 2018. Most residents have health insurance through their jobs, and the rates of obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure mirror the city averages. 

The air quality is slightly better too. With a supermarket on almost every block, it's also easy to find fresh fruits and veggies. Overall, over three-quarters of locals say they feel they are in good, very good, or excellent health.

  • There are no major hospitals located within New Dorp itself. However, the nearest large hospital that most residents of New Dorp visit is Staten Island University Hospital in South Beach. This hospital boasts a significant capacity, with over 300 beds, and is particularly well-known for its emergency care,as well as its surgical and cancer care services.
  • There are also various urgent care and walk-in clinics throughout New Dorp if you need quick non-emergency medical attention. Centers like StatCare on Hylan Boulevard can treat minor injuries or illnesses that still need attention.


New Dorp is considered one of the safer areas of New York City

The neighborhood is patrolled by the 122nd Precinct of the NYPD. Crime rates here are well below the city average, having dropped dramatically since the 1990s. In recent years, the precinct has reported just over one murder per year on average. 

The FDNY's Engine Company 165/Ladder Company 85 also helps keep the community safe. They are located right in New Dorp on Richmond Road. As the only engine company on Staten Island trained to handle hazardous materials, they play an important role in emergency response.

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New Dorp is well served by public transit options. The neighborhood is on Staten Island's main rail line. 

Residents can easily take the train to other parts of the borough or into Manhattan from the New Dorp station. Multiple bus routes also stop throughout New Dorp, including select bus service. This provides connections to other neighborhoods on Staten Island as well as the Staten Island Ferry terminal.

In addition to public transportation, the street network in New Dorp is laid out in a grid pattern. This makes it simple to navigate by car. 

There is also ample free parking around the commercial corridors like New Dorp Lane to reach local businesses. For those traveling further, the neighborhood's central location on the East Shore puts you close to the Verrazano Bridge to Brooklyn and Goethals Bridge to New Jersey.

Shopping and Dining

The main commercial areas like New Dorp Lane and New Dorp Plaza are bustling with activity. Here you can easily spend an afternoon browsing stores and stopping for coffee or lunch at one of the many restaurants. New Dorp Lane in particular draws big crowds on weekends with its variety of niche boutiques alongside popular national brands.

Many of New Dorp's restaurants have been around for a couple or more decades. Shopping centers with lots of dining places are also available, in addition to the usual stand-alone eateries, so that residents have a wealth of options if they want to grab a bite. The neighborhood also hosts an annual Food Crawl, in which creative chefs and cooks from local restaurants showcase their talents. 


Public education is available in New Dorp, for students at all grade levels and ages. 

Public schools in the area include PS 41 New Dorp serving grades PK-5 and New Dorp High School for grades 9-12. New Dorp High School has an on-time graduation rate of 87%, exceeding the 75% citywide rate. Nearby Staten Island Technical High School is another public 9-12 option.

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Points of Interest

  • High Rock ParkKnown for its scenic ponds, wetlands, and trails overlooking the Staten Island skyline from the top of a hill. Hiking its varied terrain is a great way to spend the afternoon amidst natural beauty.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk and BeachOffers miles of sandy coastline for swimming, relaxing, jogging, or soaking in the views. Families especially enjoy its calm waters and activities held along the boardwalk in warmer months.
  • Greenbelt Nature CenterWithin Staten Island's lush Greenbelt, this nature center brings the outdoors to life. Meander through trails and exhibits to get up close with the local plants and animals that call this area home.
  • Staten Island ZooHome to over 1,100 diverse species, from reptiles to larger animals on the African Savannah exhibit. Zoo-goers can observe animal behaviors and interactions in habitat environments designed for visitor views.
  • Alice Austen HouseThe Alice Austen House gives visitors a glimpse into the life of a remarkable woman. Located right in New Dorp on Hylan Boulevard, it's one of the oldest surviving homes in all of NYC. The house has been transformed into a museum sharing the story of Alice Austen, a pioneering photographer from the Victorian era.
  • New Dorp BeachA popular local sunbathing spot with calm surf only a short walk from a main business strip. Families establish themselves for the day's activities with a nearby supermarket, eateries, and other amenities.