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Woodrow, NY

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Woodrow is a quiet neighborhood known for its parks, historic attractions and strong sense of community. 

From its earliest African American settlement of Sandy Ground dating to the 1800s to the many small businesses that line Woodrow Road today, this area is steeped in character and local charm.

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Woodrow is  one of the smallest neighborhoods on Staten Island. 

With 3,200 people per square mile, Woodrow has a lower density than Staten Island and New York City overall. 

This is partly due to the neighborhood experiencing little population flux in the last decade. Between 2010 and 2020, immigration and emigration balanced out, resulting in a negligible 0.1% net migration rate.

The typical Woodrow resident is 37 years old, and most live in households of 2-3 individuals. This average household size aligns with trends across Staten Island and New York City.


Woodrow was home to Sandy Ground, one of the earliest African American settlements in New York City.

In 1828, free Black residents purchased land in Sandy Ground, making it one of the first places in the city where they owned property.

The original Sandy Ground community attracted more Black families fleeing racial restrictions in the Chesapeake Bay region. It also served as a stop along the Underground Railroad, with Zion AME Church functioning as a meeting place for fugitive slaves.

Woodrow is also home to the historic Woodrow United Methodist Church, the first Methodist church in the New York City area when it opened in 1771. Longtime residents may recall the neighborhood previously falling under the community of Huguenot as well.

Quality of Life

Housing is affordable relative to other parts of Staten Island and the city. The median home price in Woodrow is lower, and rental options include affordable apartments. In addition to safety, schools and open space, other factors enhance quality of life.

Woodrow's location provides convenience as well. Major highways and public transportation are easily accessible. A commute to Manhattan for work or school is also convenient due to Woodrow's proximity.

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Residents of Woodrow tend to have good health. The average life expectancy in the neighborhood is 80.2 years, higher than Staten Island and New York City overall. 

Rates of chronic illnesses are also lower in Woodrow. For example, heart disease affects only 5% of residents compared to 6.5% in Staten Island. Mental health issues are relatively uncommon as well, with depression impacting just 5% versus 7% citywide.

  • Staten Island University Hospital South: This 225-bed facility offers a variety of medical and surgical services to the community.
  • Richmond University Medical Center: Located just outside of Woodrow, this hospital provides quality care, including a trauma center.


Residents benefit from the close attention of the 122nd Precinct. Police officers from this station regularly patrol Woodrow and surrounding areas. Community policing programs also help foster relationships and public safety.

Through the NCO initiative, neighborhood coordination officers get to know residents and address concerns. CCOPS meetings further promote collaboration, allowing open discussion between police and community members.


Woodrow residents enjoy good transportation access within the neighborhood and to other areas. Traffic flows smoothly overall, though Woodrow Road, Amboy Road, and Bloomingdale Road.

Public transit keeps Woodrow well-connected. The S55, S56, S74 and S84 bus lines provide local service along major roads. Express routes like the SIM25 and SIM26 use parkways to swiftly transport residents to Manhattan.

For a car-free option, the Staten Island Railway terminates at the Woodrow station with a straight shot to Lower Manhattan in 25 minutes. Commutes within Staten Island take 20-30 minutes typically by bus.

Those who commute can also look into carpooling opportunities. The Staten Island Carpool program matches drivers online for efficient travel.

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Shopping and Dining

Shoppers and diners find options close to home within the Woodrow neighborhood. The Woodrow Village offers essential amenities and services for residents.

Nearby malls like Staten Island Mall and Empire Outlets provide additional retail therapy opportunities.

Commerce centers on the outskirts also house useful shops. Staten Island Business Park hosts office buildings as well as stores for items like home goods and electronics. Gateway Business Center similarly accommodates work spaces in addition to manufacturing companies and retailers.


Woodrow residents enjoy quality educational opportunities from an early age.

Elementary schools like P.S. 62 and P.S. 56 offer a solid foundation for local youth. Nearby options including P.S. 3 and P.S. 6 also welcome some neighborhood children. For middle grades, I.S. 75 residences right in Woodrow. Others head to I.S. 34 down the road.

Private education additionally caters to faith-based interests. St. Thomas-St. Joseph School on Bloomingdale Road shepherds preschool through eighth grade in a Catholic setting.

Come high school, Tottenville awaits Woodrow's public middle school graduates just outside the community in Huguenot.

Points of Interest

  • Woodrow Park: Woodrow Park is a 10-acre park that is located in the heart of the neighborhood. The park features a playground, a basketball court, and a baseball field.
  • St. Joseph by-the-Sea High School Auditorium: The St. Joseph by-the-Sea High School Auditorium is a 1,200-seat auditorium that hosts a variety of performances, including plays, musicals, and concerts.
  • Sandy Ground Historical Museum: Learn about the early Black settlement through engaging exhibits at this site on the waterfront.
  • Huguenot Park: Trails wind through this parkland originally settled by French Protestants bearing artifacts of early history.