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Huguenot, NY

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Spanning roughly 2.5 square miles, Huguenot has maintained a friendly small-town feel despite being just a short drive from Manhattan. 

Beyond the quaint downtown and waterfront promenade, Huguenot's surrounding parks and nature preserves offer recreation galore. Miles of multi-use trails invite jogging and biking, while picnic areas and playgrounds make it a family favorite. Wildlife viewing opportunities also abound, from osprey and egrets along the shore to deer, foxes and more inland.

 A growing population of over 63,000 calls Huguenot home, drawn by top-rated schools, affordable housing and natural beauty.

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Huguenot has a population of 63,935 residents according to the 2020 Census. The community has a diverse makeup with various ethnic and racial groups represented.

A little over half the population is female. The median age is 40.6 years old, with most residents between 18-64 years old. 

Under 1821.50%
65 and over12.30%

White and Hispanic residents each make up around 20-25% of Huguenot individually. Smaller percentages are Black, Asian or from other backgrounds.

Living space isn't crowded though. The density averages around 6,000 people per square mile, somewhat lower than other parts of the city. Most residents were born in the US, but many other countries are represented too like the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Italy.


The history of Huguenot, Staten Island, NY can be traced back to the early 17th century, when French Protestants (Huguenots) began to settle in the area.

The first Huguenot settlement on Staten Island was established in 1661 at Fresh Kills. The settlers were led by Louis DuBois, a wealthy merchant and landowner. DuBois and his followers established a thriving community in Fresh Kills, and they played a key role in the development of Staten Island.

In the early 18th century, the Huguenots began to expand their settlements beyond Fresh Kills. They established new communities in New Dorp, Port Richmond, and Tottenville. They also played a leading role in the development of agriculture on Staten Island. T

In the late 19th century, Staten Island began to experience rapid growth. This growth was driven by the construction of new bridges and tunnels that connected Staten Island to Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Quality of Life

Huguenot's economy provides diverse work options. 

Large corporations and small businesses alike call it home. From professional occupations to sales and labor jobs, the community has the capability to support its 64,000 residents. This ensures stable employment without having to commute far.

While living costs more than some other parts of the city, it remains reasonable. Housing prices, goods and services are fair compared to New York's high costs overall. 

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Residents of Huguenot tend to be healthier than most New Yorkers. They can expect to live to around 80 years old on average. Some key health aspects:

  • Nearby Hospitals
  • Chronic Disease Rates
    • Less heart disease, cancer and diabetes compared to NYC overall. Programs focus on prevention & treatment.
  • Mental Health
    • Rates of mental illness similar to NYC. However, organizations like the Staten Island Mental Health Association and Staten Island Crisis Center provide important resources.

In addition to hospitals, people in the community can see doctors, dentists, and pharmacists for routine and chronic care. 

Overall, the quality of healthcare is good, but preventing chronic diseases is still a top priority. The number of healthcare providers continues to grow to meet the needs of the community.


Residents of Huguenot enjoy a very safe community to call home. Crime rates here are much lower than in other parts of the city.

Violence is especially rare. Only 2 such crimes - an assault and robbery - happened in 2022. Safety on the streets means peace of mind.

In 2022, the overall crime rate was less than 1 per 1,000 people. This is well below the 3.2 crimes per 1,000 seen across New York City. Theft and property damage make up most offenses, yet even those occur less often than average.


Getting around Huguenot is quite convenient whether traveling by car, public transit or other modes. A variety of options helps residents easily go wherever they need.

Main roads like Hylan Boulevard and Arthur Kill Road can see traffic during morning and evening rushes on weekdays. Weekends bring slower driving with less congestion on these two-lane streets. Finding street parking usually isn’t difficult either in most areas. Garages and lots offer alternatives for shorter or longer durations.

Taking the Staten Island Ferry cuts 30 minutes off the typical 45-minute drive into Manhattan alone. Those driving can also utilize carpool programs to share expenses and trips into the city.

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Shopping and Dining

When appetite calls, authentic Italian awaits at La Fontana Sorellena serving pasta, pizza and seafood. Better Gourmet Health Kitchen satisfies healthy diets with nutritious meals. And the family-run Michael's Pizza delivers casual slices and favorites.

Beyond sit-down options, fast food joints, cafes and bakeries put quick bites within reach. Variety ensures someone for every taste and budget lives close by.


A strong education system draws many families to settle in Huguenot long-term. The community takes learning seriously from pre-K through high school.

Public schools like P.S. 5 Huguenot and I.S. 007 Bernstein plus Susan E. Wagner High lay a solid foundation. Nearby private options Staten Island Academy and Notre Dame Academy complement the choices.

Students here consistently outperform citywide averages too. Last year 82% proved proficient in both math and reading – higher marks than the 77% and 78% averages. Small class sizes around 12 kids support individual success.

Unsurprisingly, ratings deem Huguenot schools among the best in New York. GreatSchools gives top marks of “excellent” or “good” across the board.

Points of Interest

  • Huguenot CemeteryThe Huguenot Cemetery holds the remains of those who first founded this community centuries ago. 
  • Old Dutch ChurchTouring this 1690 structure built by original Dutch immigrants teaches history with artifacts hundreds of years old.
  • The Conference HouseThis 1710 home hosted debates impacting a new nation’s fate - imagining the discussions within evokes the Revolutionary spirit.
  • Staten Island Children’s Museum

Showcases interactive exhibits that engage curious young minds through hands-on, educational displays.

  • Blue Heron Park 

A park that provides stunning water views perfect for relaxation.