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Eltingville, NY

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Almost hidden between the historic Dongan Hills and the commercial areas of Great Kills, Eltingville is a quiet neighborhood on Staten Island that is often overlooked. But those who know its secrets appreciate its hidden charms.

You'll find pleasant tree-lined streets and friendly locals here. It maintains that old-fashioned community feel that is hard to come by these days.

Of course, being so close to Staten Island offers conveniences too. You're just a short drive or train ride away from the business districts, attractions, restaurants and nightlife of larger towns. Yet Eltingville remains a calm, low-key place to call home.

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Eltingville has a population of around 12,345 according to the 2020 census. The community has seen steady growth over the past decade, with its population increasing by 4.7% since 2010.

Eltingville has a higher population density than Staten Island as a whole, with over 5,453 residents per square mile.

African American10.9%
Hispanic or Latino16.8%

While some communities experience more people moving out than in, Eltingville enjoys a net positive migration rate of 0.8%. This small but steady influx of new residents helps drive the population upward.

It also keeps the median age lower at 43.6 years compared to other aging populations. Eltingville residents tend to be well-educated too, with over 40% holding a bachelor's degree or higher.


Eltingville has quite the story stretching back hundreds of years. Long before any white settlers arrived, the Lenape Native Americans called this land home. In the early 1700s, the first European families started small farms across the countryside.

The village started expanding in the late 19th century. When the Staten Island Railway was built in 1860, it gave people an easy way to commute into New York City for work. Suddenly, this peaceful rural area became an attractive place for middle-class families to settle down. More homes and neighborhoods began spreading out across the land.

Eltingville's heart and neighborly spirit have remained strong through all the changes of the decades.

Quality of Life

Living in Eltingville means enjoying a high quality of life. Residents take pride in maintaining the neighborhood's safety, cleanliness and community atmosphere.

Cleanliness is another hallmark. Trash is collected regularly keeping streets tidy. But residents also do their part, ensuring homes, yards, and various other real estate are well-kept. It adds to the overall neat and welcoming aesthetic.

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Residents of Eltingville tend to be healthy with a life expectancy above the national average. Locals live an average 81.5 years, higher than both Staten Island and America as a whole.

  • Staten Island University Hospital South is a 239-bed facility that provides comprehensive healthcare services to the south side of Eltingville.
  • Staten Island University Hospital North: Situated at the north end, this 199-bed hospital provides similar medical services to the community from its convenient location.

Quality healthcare is also easily accessible. In addition to the major hospitals, the neighborhood is served by independent doctors' offices and urgent care clinics. Community health centers additionally aim to meet needs of underserved groups.

Only 14.6% of locals currently smoke, a lower percentage than on Staten Island overall. This demonstrates healthier lifestyle choices adopted by many Eltingville families. Continued community-wide wellness promotion should preserve high quality living for years to come.


The community has incredibly low crime rates compared to both Staten Island and New York City overall. Violent offenses occur at just 1.1 per 1,000 people, well below the borough and city averages. Property crimes are also relatively uncommon at 2.7 incidents per thousand.

While some minor burglaries, thefts and assaults do unfortunately take place, residents need not feel anxiety walking alone even at night. Neighborhoods exude a tranquil atmosphere.

The Eltingville Police Department serves as a steadying presence throughout the village. Officers are highly invested in community engagement through initiatives like Neighborhood Watch.


Getting around Eltingville is fairly straightforward, though congestion poses issues at peak times. Traffic flows smoothly in mornings until around 7am, then evenings from 4pm onward.

Residents have options beyond driving alone. On-street parking exists in spots, while garages and lots—some paid, some free—sprinkle the neighborhood. For those traveling together, apps and employer programs connect people for carpools.

Public transit provides an alternative for longer hauls. The Staten Island Railway train station links Eltingville to the ferry port in about 30 minutes, quickening the 25-minute boat ride across New York Harbor. Commuting to Manhattan takes around an hour and a half total by this scenic route.

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Shopping and Dining

Residents of Eltingville enjoy no shortage of options when it comes to dining out or picking up provisions.

Campania Coal Fired Pizza bakes aromatic pies in their authentic wood-fired oven. Meanwhile, Sofia's Taqueria serves up authentic Mexican fare like tacos and burritos.

For classic New York-style slices, many flock to The Original Goodfella's Brick Oven Pizza. Or try Giovanni Trattoria's casual Italian cuisine.

Those craving fresh pasta won’t want to miss Pastosa Ravioli, where homemade noodles and sauces are made with high-quality ingredients.

Adding to the variety are farmers markets where residents source locally grown produce and goods.


Eltingville takes education seriously, and it shows in strong public schools and students. Test scores routinely surpass state averages in key subjects like math and reading. Class sizes stay small too, with only 15 students on average for each teacher.

The district goes beyond the classroom to help all students succeed. Struggling students get personalized help through tutoring, summer programs, and special education. College prep classes, counseling, and partnerships support students after high school.

Points of Interest

Eltingville Fire Museum

Housed in a historic firehouse, this little museum is a blast from the past. Check out some really cool antique fire trucks and learn about how firefighters back in the day used to battle blazes with nothing but horse-drawn pumpers and hoses. History buffs find it fascinating to see how the tools and techniques for protecting the community have developed over generations.

Eltingville Historical Society

Want to discover the real story of Eltingville? Pop into this local museum and take a walk down memory lane. Photos, letters and other artifacts trace the town's history from way back when to modern times as a bustling suburb. You can spend hours exploring all the interesting details of how the area used to be.

Eltingville Arts Center

Pop in anytime to check out the rotating exhibits at this community arts space. Throughout the year you can discover works by talented local artists working in all kinds of mediums, from paintings to sculptures.

Eltingville Marsh Preserve

Love birds and nature photography? Head to this scenic wetland hotspot overlooking native plants and wildlife. Take a relaxing stroll and you may spot all kinds of feathered friends. The peaceful surroundings and scenic views make all your cares slip away.

Eltingville Greenway

Recharge on the miles of trails winding through the Greenway's serene woodlands and fields. Hikers will appreciate the solitude and scenery. It's like a breath of fresh air to escape into nature right here in our own backyard.

Eltingville Memorial Park

Dedicated to veterans, this tranquil park honors locals who bravely served our country in the Civil War and WWII. A granite memorial bears the names of 25 fallen soldiers - a fitting tribute to their sacrifice.