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Bulls Head, NY

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Bulls Head is a vibrant waterfront community rich with culture, history and natural beauty.

From its earliest days as a colonial trading hub to today's thriving suburb filled with families, this charming neighborhood epitomizes the best of New York living.

Walkable streets dotted with Tudor-style homes wind between verdant parks housing centuries-old taverns, setting the scene for a relaxing getaway just a short ferry ride from the bustle of Manhattan.

As you stroll along Hylan Boulevard taking in the seaside scenery, you'll find everything needed for modern convenience amid this small-town ambiance.

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Today, Bulls Head has around 11,000 residents. It's considered an above average income neighborhood, with median household income of $91,667 versus $62,843 nationally.

The population is ethnically diverse, with many Asian, Italian, Irish, Puerto Rican and Russian ancestry residents. 29% of residents were born outside the U.S. The most common languages after English are Chinese, Spanish, Russian and Polish.


The earliest inhabitants were the Lenape Native Americans. In the early 1700s, European settlers arrived and began farming the fertile land.

In 1736, a landmark tavern was constructed that would give the growing community its name. The Bulls Head Tavern sat along a popular travel route between New York City and points north.

Its unusual name came from a nearby hill shaped like a bull's head. Pioneers and traders alike flocked to the tavern, spurring further development in the area now known as Bulls Head.

The early 19th century brought a boom to the iron industry in Bulls Head. Several furnaces opened to produce pig iron and other cast goods. For decades, the ironworks drove the local economy. 

In the 1900s, Bulls Head was annexed by New York City and streetcar lines aided more growth. By mid-century, the once small village had blossomed into a thriving middle-class suburb. 

Quality of Life

The housing market in Bulls Head remains stable. Home values average around $575,000, reflecting the community's popularity and resilience. Residents enjoy security in an appreciating market.

The average family in Bulls Head earns more than what the average New York and American family brings in annually. This high median salary that is enjoyed by most households in this area elevates residents' quality of life, and allows them to enjoy niceties like better housing, health care, and education.

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Residents of Bulls Head tend to enjoy good health, as evidenced by a life expectancy over 80 years. This exceeds averages statewide and nationwide, likely due to local affluence and healthcare access.

Chronic illness affects many though, similar to national rates. Heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes top the lists of prolonged conditions. 

Thankfully, excellent medical facilities are nearby:

  • Staten Island University Hospital - North Campus: This campus provides emergency services and general medicine.
  • Staten Island University Hospital - South Campus: Offering surgical specialties, rehabilitation, and maternal/newborn care.

In addition to these major hospitals, an abundance of doctors and dentists establish practices in Bulls Head. Pharmacies readily fill prescriptions too.

Insurance coverage protects most from financial ruin from illness. This combination of socioeconomic advantages and first-rate healthcare helps Bulls Head residents not just survive but truly thrive.


Safety is a high priority in Bulls Head, and with good reason. The community experiences significantly less crime than most of New York City. Violent offenses hardly ever occur, while theft makes up most property reports.

Detailed statistics prove this security. Violence affects fewer than one per thousand residents versus nearly three across the city. Property crimes also stay well below the Big Apple's average.


Getting around Bulls Head is quite convenient, whether by car, bus, or train.

An extensive public transit system covers the neighborhood with regular local and express routes. Those looking for an alternate option to driving will find the S44, S59, and other lines reliable.

For drivers, roads tend to flow steadily apart from rush hour backups on major arteries like Hylan Boulevard and Richmond Avenue. Street parking dotting most areas supplements plentiful parking lots and garages too.

Carpooling via programs like Staten Island Rideshare also reduces congestion, as do alternative modes like biking down well-marked lanes. 

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Shopping and Dining

An abundance of options means convenience for consumers in Bulls Head. 

Two large shopping centers, Bulls Head Plaza and Expressway Plaza, cluster numerous stores under one roof. Residents find everything from groceries to goods at the supermarket, pharmacy, and myriad other outlets.

When hunger hits, Hylan Boulevard supplies a bounty of cafes and eateries. Everyone's tastes are tantalized whether craving pizza from Coalhouse, classic Italian pastries from Pasticceria Bruno, or traditional Greek plates at Taverna. 


Bulls Head places great importance on quality schooling for its young residents. The public system here includes two esteemed elementary schools - PS 60 and PS 77. Middle schoolers then attend IS 72, which specializes in math and science. Finally, Port Richmond High School offers career-focused opportunities.

Smaller class sizes emerge on average compared to citywide numbers, ensuring students receive individual attention. Standardized test scores consistently rise above area and state benchmarks as well. 

Points of Interest

  • Bulls Head Recreation Center: Offering activities for all ages from sports to arts and crafts. Kids and families can have fun while staying active in this community hub.
  • Staten Island Railway: This historic train line connecting the borough to Manhattan sees thousands of commuters daily. The charming Bulls Head station also makes an interesting piece of local heritage worth glimpsing.
  • Staten Island Zoo: Home to over 1,000 exotic and domestic animals on its lush 40 acres. Visitors can observe penguins, wallabies, parrots and more in a naturalistic setting just minutes from downtown.
  • The Bulls Head Tavern: History buffs appreciate touring one of Staten Island's oldest buildings from 1736. Its colonial ambiance transports guests to a simpler silk when the Tavern served travelers on the frontier.
  • The Staten Island Museum: This New Springville museum showcases the island's past through dynamic exhibits of photography, artifacts and more. Rotating installations keeps even repeat guests entertained.
  • Silver Lake Park: Sprawling over 130 acres, nature lovers find refuge on its forested walking paths winding by a small lake. Families enjoy picnicking, playgrounds and weekend sports too at this popular outdoor space.