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Tottenville, NY

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Though technically part of New York City, Tottenville feels worlds away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. Here, you'll find quiet, tree-lined streets, stunning waterfront views, and a relaxed pace of life.

Despite its tranquil atmosphere, Tottenville has plenty to see and do. History buffs will appreciate the neighborhood's historic homes, like the stately Biddle House, built in the 18th century. Foodies can sample fresh seafood along the waterfront or grab a slice from one of Tottenville's beloved pizzerias. 

But one of Tottenville's biggest draws is its picturesque shoreline. Stroll along the Tottenville shore to take in sweeping views of the Arthur Kill, Perth Amboy, and even New Jersey.


Tottenville has a population of around 43,343 people as of 2023. It is a relatively small, close-knit community on Staten Island. The neighborhood is mostly made up of upper-middle-class families.

In fact, Tottenville has one of the lowest population densities in all of New York City at only 4,200 people per square mile.

The racial makeup of Tottenville is predominantly white. Around 69.7% of residents are white, while 3% are Asian, 3% are African American, and 11.0% are Hispanic or Latino. An interesting fact is that Tottenville has the highest proportion of Roman Catholics of any neighborhood on Staten Island, with 94% of residents identifying as Catholic.

Hispanic or Latino11.0%
African American3%

In recent years, the neighborhood has also seen an influx of Mexican immigrants as well as Coptic Orthodox Christians from Egypt. So while Tottenville has historically been a predominantly Italian area, it is gradually becoming more diverse.

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Tottenville has a long history going all the way back to the 1600s. Originally, Native Americans from the Raritan band of the Lenape nation lived in the area. 

In the 1670s, British Captain Christopher Billopp became one of the first Europeans to settle in Tottenville. He named the area Bentley Manor after his ship, the Bentley. 

The area was eventually renamed Tottenville in 1869. The new name honored the local Totten family, many of whom were prominent residents and Loyalists during the Revolutionary War. You can still see the Totten name on old gravestones in the Bethel Methodist Church cemetery.

In the late 1800s/early 1900s, small factories, shipyards, and oyster harvesting were big local industries. But by the 1950s, the waterfront economy had died out. More recently, Tottenville has seen lots of new residential development.

Quality of Life

With its small town feel just a ferry ride away from Manhattan, Tottenville offers a unique quality of life. This southernmost neighborhood of NYC has the lowest population density in the city at only 2,300 people per square kilometer. Crime rates are also extremely low, with the 123rd Precinct being ranked the safest in New York City.

The concentration of air pollution is less than the city average. And water quality has improved enough that oyster harvesting resumed in 2005 after being halted in 1916 due to pollution. The beach along Conference House Park is popular for fishing rather than swimming.

Tottenville offers big city access alongside small town charm. It's a quieter alternative for those who want to be close to Manhattan but not overwhelmed by its hustle and bustle. 


Healthcare access is solid, with the nearest major hospital being Staten Island University Hospital South Campus in Prince's Bay. 

Tottenville residents tend to be healthier, with lower obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure rates compared to the NYC average. Preterm births and teen pregnancies occur less frequently than citywide rates.

Other major hospitals that are located nearby include:

  • Richmond University Medical Center - A full-service community hospital with a wide range of specialties and the only Baby-Friendly designated hospital on Staten Island.
  • Bayley Seton Hospital - Offers various inpatient and outpatient services with specialty focuses like orthopedics, cardiology, and women's health.

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The 123rd Precinct of the NYPD patrols Tottenville and is located right on Main Street. Back in 2010, the 123rd Precinct had the lowest per capita crime rate out of all 69 precincts in the city. Even today, Tottenville's rate of violent crimes per resident remains well below the New York City average.

Between 1990 and 2022, major crimes in the 123rd Precinct dropped by over 70%. In 2022, the precinct reported only 2 murders, 3 rapes, 22 robberies, 53 felony assaults, 42 burglaries, 271 grand larcenies, and 126 grand larcenies auto. This is a tiny fraction compared to crime rates in more central boroughs.

For fire safety and EMT response, Tottenville relies on FDNY Engine Company 151/Ladder Company 76 located on Amboy Road. The lack of traffic congestion allows for quicker response times compared to busier NYC neighborhoods.


Tottenville is served by various public transportation options that connect it to the rest of Staten Island and Manhattan.

The Staten Island Railway has two stops in Tottenville - the Tottenville station and the Arthur Kill station. Tottenville station is the southernmost railway station in the state of New York. The train takes about 40 minutes to get to the St. George Terminal. From there, riders can transfer to the Staten Island Ferry to reach Manhattan.

For express bus service to Manhattan, residents can take the SIM2, SIM25 or SIM26. The trip takes around 60-75 minutes depending on traffic.

While no major highways run directly through Tottenville, NY Route 440 and the Korean War Veterans Parkway are both located nearby. These routes connect to the Outerbridge Crossing and Goethals Bridge for access to New Jersey.

For those traveling by car, street parking is generally available throughout the neighborhood. But public transit is often the easier way to get around Tottenville and the rest of Staten Island. 

Shopping and Dining

While not a huge shopping and dining destination, Tottenville offers a mix of local shops and eateries to browse and enjoy.

One unique aspect of shopping in Tottenville is its waterfront seafood markets. Captain's Catch and Joseph's Fishing Spot let you buy fresh seafood straight from the boats that fish the local waters.

The northern end of Tottenville along Page Avenue has seen more commercial development in recent years. This area includes casual dining spots like Station House BBQ and American fare at HOA Grill & Cafe. For Italian, Angelina's Ristorante is a popular neighborhood option.

The main commercial corridor is along Main Street in the heart of the neighborhood. This area is home to small businesses like DiLeo's Italian Bakery for fresh bread and pastries, Main Street Magic shop for quirky gifts, and various boutiques. For home goods and hardware, there's Bedell's Staten Island Hardware.

Of course, being part of NYC, Tottenville residents can easily access more extensive shopping and dining offerings via a short train ride to the Staten Island Mall or ferry trip to Manhattan. 

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Tottenville has several schools that serve the neighborhood's families. Public schools include P.S. 1, the Tottenville School, housed in one of the area's oldest buildings dating back to 1878. P.S. 6, the Corporal Allan F. Kivlehan School, is a newer elementary school constructed in 2000. 

For middle and high school, students attend I.S. 34 Totten Intermediate School and Tottenville High School, located a few miles north in Huguenot.

While not a college town itself, Tottenville residents are relatively well-educated. About 41% have a college degree or higher, on par with the rest of NYC. The small class sizes in local schools and fewer distractions make Tottenville a good environment for students to focus on academics.

Points of Interest

  • Conference House Park - Sprawling waterfront park featuring restored historic buildings like the famous 1776 conference house and scenic walking trails along the Arthur Kill shoreline.
  • Bethel United Methodist Church - One of Tottenville's oldest buildings dating to 1840 and housing the village's earliest religious congregation.
  • Tottenville Station - Ride the Staten Island Railway to the last stop, taking in panoramic views along this historic line established in 1860.
  • Burial Ridge Archaeological Site - Uncover remnants of the indigenous Lenape people within this preserved area containing one of their largest pre-colonial cemeteries. Guided tours are periodically offered by archaeologists.
  • Tottenville Historic District - Stroll down streets like Jackson, Villa and Henderson Avenues admiring beautifully maintained Victorians representing various styles and eras. Plaques describe each building's history.
  • Arthur Kill Salt Marshes - Venture along trails within this environmentally vital yet fragile ecosystem teeming with birdlife. Constant tides shape and evolve the intertidal zones.
  • Miller Field - Young athletes play Little League and other sports at this multi-use recreational facility, carrying on community traditions. Games draw supportive crowds.
  • Richmond County Bank Ballpark - Catch a Staten Island Yankees minor league baseball game at this waterfront stadium, enjoying concessions with scenic rotations.
  • Kreischer Mansion - Tour this 24-room, three-story home commissioned in 1870 and showcasing period architectural details. Special events are periodically hosted.
  • Bloomfield Park - Relax by Mill Creek within this green space containing playgrounds, wooded areas, basketball and tennis courts for all ages.
  • Richmond Walk - Stretch legs along these five miles of paved paths winding through nature preserves, wetlands and historic villages dotting the South Shore.