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How Dermal Fillers Can Change the Jawline in Men

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Jawline filler is one of the most popular treatments among male patients, as it greatly enhances their features without facial plastic surgery, showcasing their charm and masculinity. As a non-surgical treatment, it also saves them the lengthy downtime and health risks they'd usually get from more invasive options. But since it only involves injectable filler injections, many prospective patients wonder if it leaves noticeable results.

So how can dermal fillers change the jawline in men? Dermal fillers add volume to the lower face and reshape your jawline, making it more chiseled and defined. It also improves facial symmetry and reduces the appearance of double chin and jowls. This greatly enhances your facial contours and provides a strong base for your face, especially among men when the jawline is one of the most flattering facial features.

What Dermal Fillers Can Do for Your Jawline

Injectable filler treatment is one of the most recommended anti-aging and facial feature enhancement solutions without cosmetic surgery. Since it's a minimally invasive procedure, it doesn't require lengthy downtime. It's also a low-risk and versatile treatment, suitable for many procedures, including jawline contouring.

Dermal fillers add volume to the skin to enhance facial features. It also leaves your skin more elastic and radiant as it boosts collagen production. For jawline augmentation, these cosmetic injectables can reshape your jaws and make them look more defined. The right dermal filler type and brand have a perfectly dense formulation to hold its shape and keep your jawline looking chiseled.

The facial filler material greatly enhances your jaws, resolving a weak jawline and reducing the appearance of jowls or fat under the jaws. Because of this, it also makes your face look slimmer and sharper, providing a stable base for your entire face.

People go by different beauty standards, but as far as science and nature go, attractiveness has an algorithm called the golden ratio. This refers to the proportion of the face considered good-looking. Many patients have jawline augmentation with facial filler injections to improve the proportions of their faces.

Before and After Pictures: How Dermal Fillers Can Change the Jawline

Jaw enhancement with dermal fillers makes your face look slimmer, contoured, and more proportionate, offering a solid foundation to your face. These injectable fillers can provide natural-looking results yet are noticeable enough to enhance your overall appearance greatly. Here are some before and after pictures of having jawline filler injections:

Source: facialsculpting.co.uk
Source: dermaplusaesthetics.co.uk
Source: l1p.co.uk

As mentioned, nonsurgical jawline enhancement treatment with dermal fillers resolves a weak jawline and leaves your facial contours looking defined. These before and after pictures of men with injectable fillers into their jaws have shown natural-looking yet noticeable results.

Why Men Seek Dermal Filler Injections at the Jawline

Jawline enhancement treatment with injectable fillers is suitable for all genders, but men have specific concerns about their jaws. Because of this, cosmetic filler injection into the lower face is more popular among them. A strong and defined jawline is considered an attractive facial feature among men, as it brings out a look of toughness and masculinity.

How to Enhance the Results of Your Dermal Fillers for the Jaws

While jaw filler procedures can already deliver stunning results with a more defined jawline, some nonsurgical solutions may still greatly enhance it for superhero-looking facial contours. Cosmetic surgeons may recommend chin augmentation, cheek fillers, Botox injections, Ultherapy, and CoolSculpting.

1. Undergo Chin Enhancement

The ideal jawline for women looks delicate with a V-shape, while the one for men has a shape similar to an inverted trapezoid with strong features. Jawline augmentation only involves injecting facial fillers into the jawline, not including the chin.

Also getting a chin filler treatment on top of your jawline filler can help enhance the shape of your lower face for a stronger and more masculine base. Chin augmentation greatly complements your jaw filler as it provides a stable center for your jaws and resolves your weak chin.

2. Get Cheek Fillers

Having cheek fillers to add volume to your midface and make it look more defined may also greatly enhance the results of your jaw fillers. By injecting fillers into your cheeks, jaws, and chin, you can have a slimmer-looking appearance with better contours.

3. Have Botox Injections

Dermal filler and Botox injections are recommended combinations for nonsurgical facelift procedures. Botox relaxes overworked muscles in the treatment area, making it a reliable anti-aging solution. Adding this cosmetic injectable to your jaw filler treatment may help reduce muscle movement and make your face look slimmer, narrower, and more lifted.

4. Consider Ultherapy Treatment

Some cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists also recommend adding Ultherapy treatment to your jaw enhancement procedure with dermal fillers. Ultherapy is a noninvasive fat reduction solution using ultrasound, boosting your collagen production and tightening your skin.

This cosmetic option helps make your jawline filler more pronounced as it reduces jowls and submental fat or the fatty tissues under your jaws and chin. But ensure consulting your doctor for the best treatment plan, so both solutions won’t interfere with each other.

5. Undergo a CoolSculpting Procedure

CoolSculpting is also one of the suitable procedures complementing your jawline filler treatment. It reduces jowls and submental fullness by eliminating fat cells with cold temperatures. This procedure involves triggering cell death by freezing and allowing these dead cells to be flushed out of your metabolism.

Recommended Dermal Filler Brands for the Jawline

Dermal fillers are versatile treatment options, suitable for resolving many cosmetic concerns. The procedure comes with different injection techniques and material types and brands. The perfect products for the jawline, especially for men, are those with dense formulations that can hold their shape.

Dermal Filler BrandDescriptionType of FillerHow Long It Lasts
JUVÉDERM Voluma XCSuitable for the jawline because of having a thick and less spreadable material among all JUVÉDERM solutions.

Made with the Vycross technology

FDA-approved for cheek fillers but may be used as an off-label procedure for the jaws
Hyaluronic Acid Filler24 months
JUVÉDERM VoluxFormulated for the jaws and chin

Offers a dense and less spreadable material that mimics the bone

FDA-approved for jawline augmentation
Hyaluronic Acid Filler12 to 18 months
Restylane LyftMade with a thick and sticky formulation that holds its formHyaluronic Acid Filler12 months
Restylane DefyneOffers a thick consistency, formulated with the XpresHAn Technology™Hyaluronic Acid Filler12 months
RadiesseHas a thick consistency able to hold its shape, made with Calcium HydroxyapatiteCalcium Hydroxyapatite15 months
SculptraHas a reliably dense consistency enough even for treating facial fat loss, also suitable for jawline fillers due to its ability to hold its shapePoly-L-Lactic Acid24 months

These are some dermal fillers suitable for jawline contouring. You must consult your cosmetic surgeon for the best type and brand of injectable fillers to produce your ideal results in the safest and most effective method possible.

What to Expect from Your Dermal Filler Procedure for the Jawline

Injectable filler treatment for jawline contouring is one of the low-risk nonsurgical procedures for facial augmentation, requiring only minimal downtime compared to plastic surgery. Its treatment also wouldn’t take too long, lasting only 30 minutes to an hour. You can expect your session to go as follows:

  1. The treatment area will be cleaned.
  2. Your jaws will be marked for more precise injections.
  3. A numbing cream might be applied to the treatment area to reduce discomfort.
  4. The dermal filler product will be injected into the treatment area with sophisticated injection techniques.
  5. A cannula might be used to guide the dermal filler treatment.
  6. The treated area will be assessed in between injections.
  7. The treated area will be massaged gently.
  8. Your jaws will be cleaned to remove excess markings and numbing cream.

These are the steps on how your jaw enhancement with facial filler injections will go. Patients squeamish about this procedure may consult their cosmetic surgeon further on what to expect from their treatment.

What to Expect After Your Jawline Filler Treatment

Jawline filler treatment might be a low-risk procedure, but you may also expect side effects due to the body’s normal reaction to the solution. These reactions are usually mild and self-limiting. Some adverse reactions from dermal filler injections are:

  • Bruising
  • Itching
  • Pain at the injection site
  • Redness
  • Swelling

These side effects usually resolve after 7 to 14 days. You may consult your doctor for safe ways for reducing discomfort from these signs. Their thorough guidance and assessment during your recovery are also necessary for ensuring your safety and observing for possible development of complications.

Following the aftercare steps advised by your practitioner is also necessary for promoting the success of your treatment. These methods ensure the dermal filler material effectively becomes absorbed into your skin and leaves satisfactory results. These steps include the following:

  • Avoid vigorous exercise for 24 hours.
  • Avoid applying pressure on the treatment area, including during sleeping time.
  • Avoid heat.
  • Avoid NSAIDs, and take acetaminophen medications like Tylenol instead for the pain.
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages.

Get Your Dermal Treatment Procedure for the Jawline at Dr. Lanna Aesthetics

a man received dermal filler treatment on the jawline at Dr. Lanna's clinic

Jawline enhancement with facial filler injections reshapes the jawline and leaves it more defined, especially when this area is one of the most flattering facial features among men. This procedure makes their jaws look stronger and more masculine. The success of its results lies in the formulation of your filler material and the skill of your practitioner, which is why you must seek a reliable injector to achieve your cosmetic goals.

Dr. Lanna Aesthetics is one of the best medical spas in New York, offering different cosmetic options with over 10,000 successful procedures. You may expect to have your jawline filler treatment conducted by sought-after board-certified professionals known for producing celebrity-level results. Get started on having a strong and chiseled jawline. Book an appointment today by visiting one of our clinics across New York or getting in touch with us.

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