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How Dermal Fillers Can Change The Jawline: Before and After

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The jawline and chin are an underrated yet integral part of your face’s overall shape. However, the skin in the jawline and chin starts sagging and wrinkling as you get older. Though there are many ways to refine it, the use of dermal fillers is a quick and effective treatment to get that natural contour back.

So what are the benefits of using dermal fillers to sculpt the jawline and chin? Jawline filler and chin filler are injected into the body to naturally increase the collagen production in the skin of the injected areas: providing an ample amount of volume, slimming down jowls, and adding shape to a weak jawline.

How Dermal Filler Changes the Shape of the Jaw

Much like the other skin in the face, the jawline and chin may start showing signs of sagging and wrinkling as the body ages. This is due to the collagen in the skin breaking down. The affected area will start to lose volume and elasticity. Within the lower face where the jawline and chin reside, this can mean the surfacing of the jowls, less definition or contour in the jawline, and asymmetrical amounts of the volume of the face.

With the injection of dermal fillers, the jawline and chin can be recontoured as if it went through cosmetic surgery. Most dermal fillers are made up of hyaluronic acid—a naturally occurring compound in the skin that hydrates it, producing elasticity and volume. Once it is injected to the body, the skin breaks it down and absorbs the hyaluronic acid in the filler.

The added hyaluronic acid helps hydrate the skin and produces volume and elasticity. When injected in specific areas in the jawline and the chin, it can help reassemble and even improve the natural shape of the lower face. With the added biodegradable gel in the dermal filler that controls the rate of metabolism, the effects of the dermal filler are nearly yearlong and can be extended with maintenance treatments.

On one hand, jaw filler uses minute volumes of dermal filler to subtly increase the volume and definition of a sagging jawline. Compared to other jawline enhancement treatments, the organic and subtle improvements of the dermal filler can create a smooth and well-defined jawline.

On the other hand, chin filler may be also used to further improve the shape of the jaw. The lifting effects of the dermal fillers in the chin can greatly improve the contour of the jawline. It can even target specific areas sagging in the jaw or otherwise known as jowls and other fat pads in the lower face.

The Amount of Filler to Lift the Jawline

There is no exact amount of filler that is prescribed for the treatment as different faces have specific problem areas to effectively lift the jawline. Though 1 ml of dermal filler may not seem like much, it’s an appropriate amount for subtle but noticeable improvements in the face. However, given the wide area of the jawline and the areas of facial skin that composes it, the amount of filler needed may be around 1 to 3 syringes of filler to completely lift it.

Your dermatologist will assess the appropriate amount of dermal needed for your jawline in the initial interview. Usually, the amount of filler needed depends on these factors:

  • Your expectations and needs,
  • Your specific facial structure,
  • The number of wrinkles, like a fine line, in the jawline or chin,
  • The amount of lost volume or elasticity.

To lift the jawline, a combination of dermal fillers, particularly jawline filler and chin filler, may be used to reinforce and hydrate the lower face after its natural volume may have been lost. Different types of dermal fillers are used because each filler is designed to be thicker or thinner depending on where it is injected. For example, lip filler is thin to provide the right amount of plumpness in the relatively small area of the lips.

Before: Target Areas in the Jawline for Filler Injections

The main treatment areas for jawline enhancement with dermal fillers are the cheek, chin, specifically the prejowl area, and jawline. These areas will be injected with the appropriate amount of filler to lift them in order to highlight the jawline. Other target areas like the lip and smile lines can be done in additional treatments to fully improve your lower face.

For the jawline, any indicators of sagging lost volume, and wrinkles in the aforementioned areas will be injected with a small amount of dermal filler in order to totally define it. One side of the face may be injected more if it has more serious sagging or numerous areas with lost volume so that the jawline will be symmetrical. To avoid any instances of overfilling, receive your dermal filler injection from an expert dermatologist and injector.

After: Expected Benefits of Chin Filler Treatment

Once the treatment is completed, the added dermal filler may already restore some of the volume near and within the jawline, lower cheek, and chin. This will still improve after two weeks and when any expected side effects that occur have passed.

The first thing you may notice is the added volume in the injected areas once the skin has absorbed some of the hyaluronic acid. Wrinkles and sagging have been treated, leaving smooth and supple skin around the jawline.

With the added volume in the cheek and chin, the curve of the jawline will definitely be seen. Whether it's completely carved out or it's a side effect of clearing up the wrinkles and sagging of other parts of the lower face, the face will seem sharper and thereby younger instead of rounder.

An unintended third benefit is that, because of the increased definition of the jawline, the neck can be seen as if it slimmed down or it was lifted. As the skin near the jawline was able to be smoothed out instead of sagging by the side, it is much easier to see the neck because it’s more aligned to the lower face.

Though these benefits are common to every patient, the final look is tailored to their expectations. Not every jawline treatment is meant to sharpen its contour, it can be done to highlight other areas of the lower face or to clear up any nearby sagging that blocks it. Consult your dermatologist on the look you want to achieve for your dermal filler treatment.

Expected Side Effects of Jawline Filler Treatment

how dermal fillers can change the jawline before and after

No treatment has zero side effects. Fortunately, all of the common side effects of dermal filler treatment are treatable at home and last for a couple of days to 2 weeks. Most of them are caused due to blood vessels being minimally injured by a needle. Even though it's used by an expert injector, the face houses multiple tiny vessels that may be damaged accidentally. These common side effects include:

  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Puckering
  • Swelling
  • Bruising

Most of these are caused by inflammation or the body’s reaction to the injection. Ample time to rest, the occasional ice pack, and drinking water frequently are some of the steps to clearing up these side effects, especially if they may develop into an uncomfortable level. Consult a doctor or your dermatologist if these side effects have persisted after two weeks or if it reaches a severe level.

Aftercare Steps to Maintain a Jawline Lift

Once 2 weeks have passed since the dermal filler injections, the results have reached their peak. Though it lasts for an average of a year, there are several steps that can be done to extend its duration while providing effective skincare.

1. Get Adequate Hydration and Nutrition

It's easy to forget that the skin is the largest organ in the body. Which is why it needs ample nutrition to maintain its beauty. Water hydrates the skin keeping it supple and stretchy while a balanced diet will reduce the amount of acne breakouts, skin infections, and inflammation that may happen.

2. Protect Your Face From Sun Damage

Extended exposure to UV rays from the sun will damage the collagen and the injected dermal filler in the skin. It will also accelerate any effects of skin aging like wrinkles and the risk of developing skin cancer. Always include 35+ SPF sunscreen in your skincare routine or before you go outside.

3. Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

These substances have harmful effects on the skin and are avoided for two weeks before and after the dermal filler treatment. Alcohol dehydrates the skin while thinning the blood vessels, increasing the likelihood and duration of any side effects like bruising and redness. Meanwhile, smoking has similar effects along with exposing the jawline to heat from the cigarette. A break from these substances will have significant effects on the skin.

Excellent Jawline Filler Treatment at Dr. Lanna Aesthetics

a woman received dermal fillers on her jawline at Dr. Lanna's clinic

When you see your jawline or chin start misshaping or sagging, it doesn’t mean it can’t be redefined again with a facial slimming treatment. Though there are side effects and potential mistreatments, it can be easily alleviated by receiving your jaw enhancement procedure from a first-rate medical provider.

At Dr. Lanna Aesthetics, you can receive non-surgical jawline contouring from New York City’s best injector. Let Dr. Lanna provide you with a perfect jawline and chin with natural youthful results and minimal downtime. Contact us at (929) 565-7539 today.

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