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Should I Combine Upper Jaw Surgery and Cheek Fillers for the Best Results?

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Optimize the Aesthetic Enhancement of Your Jaws and Cheeks

Upper jaw surgery, also known as maxillofacial surgery or orthognathic surgery, can dramatically improve the form and function of the jaws and teeth. By realigning and repositioning the upper jaw, it can correct bite issues, improve breathing, and enhance facial aesthetics. 

However, the changes to the facial structure can leave some patients wanting additional refinements, like volumizing the cheeks. This is where strategically placed dermal filler injections can complement and optimize the results of jaw surgery.

Understanding the Effects of Upper Jaw Surgery

Upper jaw surgery aims to repair skeletal discrepancies by moving the maxilla (upper jaw) forwards, backwards, upwards or downwards. This realignment also affects the position of other facial structures like the nose and cheeks.

Some common effects of upper jaw surgery include:

  • A thinner, more defined facial profile as the maxilla is brought forward
  • Changes to the nasolabial folds around the nose and mouth
  • Reduction in cheek projection and volume
  • Improved lip support and ability to fully close the lips
  • Upward tilt of the nose tip due to shortening of the columella
  • Widening of the alar bases of the nose

While these changes are made to fix functional issues and may be considered aesthetically desirable by some, others may prefer to restore specific areas like the cheek fullness. This is where thoughtfully placed dermal fillers can help.

Determining If Fillers Are Right for You

A Woman Getting Cheek Filler Treatment

Fillers should only be considered once the swelling and bruising from surgery have fully subsided. This allows the surgeon to properly evaluate the final surgical outcome before adding injectables.

Fillers may be a good option if upper jaw surgery has left you with:

  • A hollow or sunken look in the midface and cheeks
  • Less cheek projection than desired
  • Newly formed tear troughs or under eye hollows
  • More pronounced nasolabial folds
  • Thinned lips or downturned mouth corners

Schedule a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon or injector. They can examine your facial structure and tissue quality to determine if you will benefit from fillers. They can also advise on the optimal type and placement of fillers to complement your new jaw position.

Sculpt Your Ideal Look - Consult Dr. Lanna for Tailored Filler Solutions

When Is the Best Time to Get Fillers After Jaw Surgery?

It is crucial to allow enough time for the surgical site to heal before placing any fillers. Most surgeons recommend waiting:

  • At least 6 weeks for soft tissue fillers like Juvederm or Restylane. This allows bruising and swelling to resolve.
  • Around 3 months for more dense fillers like Sculptra. This allows the bones to fully stabilize in their new position.
  • Up to 6 months for permanent cheek implants. This ensures implants won't interfere with  any residual bone movement.

Getting filler injections before the post-surgical inflammation has settled can prolong swelling and recovery. Waiting the recommended time frame ensures your injector can properly visualize the effects of surgery and develop the optimal treatment plan.

Try to schedule your filler appointment at least 2 weeks before any important events. This allows any potential swelling or bruising from the injections to resolve.

What Areas Can Be Enhanced With Fillers After Jaw Surgery?

The main facial regions that can be augmented with dermal fillers after surgery include:

CheeksRestores projection and fullness lost during maxillary advancement. Can be added centrally or towards the back near the cheekbones.
Under eyesFills hollows or tear troughs that may develop after the maxilla is moved. Helps balance upper facial contours.
Nasolabial foldsSoftens lines that often become more visible after surgery due to facial movement and bone resorption.
LipsPlumps and supports the lips which may appear thinner after repositioning of the maxilla. Defined lips complement improved jaw contours.
ChinAugments a small chin which can become more noticeable with a narrower lower facial profile after jaw surgery.

Our injectors can help you determine which areas would benefit from precise filler placement. Focus on areas you want to enhance to achieve overall facial harmony based on the changes from surgery.

Combination Treatments for Optimal Outcomes

A Woman Getting Cheek Filler Treatment

In some cases, a combination of treatments in addition to fillers may yield the most well-balanced results:

Fillers + Chin Implant

Augments the chin and jowl region if it appears undersized or underprojected next to the newly forwardly positioned upper maxilla after jaw surgery. A chin implant can help provide better symmetry and balance to the facial profile.

Fillers + Rhinoplasty

Refines the nose shape if the base appears too wide or the tip too projected in relation to the rest of the face after jaw realignment surgery. Injectable fillers can help restore facial proportions by subtly smoothing bumps or increasing projection of the nasal bridge.

Fillers + Lower Blepharoplasty

Fixes under eye bags or hollowness that can become more apparent with a taller midface after maxillary advancement. Injectable fillers around the eyes can help rejuvenate a tired appearance.

Fillers + Facelift 

Lifts sagging facial soft tissues like jowls or neck skin that weren’t adequately tightened and supported after bony movements from jaw surgery. Strategic filler placement can help recontour the lower face and neck by volumizing deflated areas for a smoother profile.

Discuss combo treatments with Dr. Lanna. Collectively, we can help you achieve overall facial balance and aesthetics that align with your goals.

Elevate Your Beauty Journey - Explore Combo Treatments with Dr. Lanna for Ultimate Facial Harmony

The Benefits of Strategically Combining Jaw Surgery and Fillers

While jaw surgery repositions the actual jawbones for functional improvement, dermal filler injections offer localized facial shaping without surgery. Some benefits of complementing the two include:

  • Restores facial volume and fullness in targeted areas like the cheeks or lips
  • Accelerates recovery of a naturally proportioned face and appearance
  • Refines contours for optimal facial symmetry and side-to-side balance
  • Minimizes additional visible aging signs like hollows or wrinkles
  • Non-surgical and non-invasive method to fine-tune results
  • Adjustable and reversible with the option to dissolve fillers if desired
  • Allows customization based on your aesthetic goals and preferences
  • Combo procedures avoid the need for revision jaw surgery

Fillers can be an excellent ancillary treatment to maximize improvements from orthognathic surgery. They provide precise volume replacement and contouring to perfect the final look.

Finding an Experienced Injector Is Critical

Optimal results require an injector intimately familiar with facial anatomy and the effects of jaw realignment. They can strategically place fillers to align with the underlying bone structure.

Look for providers who:

  • Have specialized expertise in treating post-jaw surgery patients
  • Are board-certified plastic surgeons or licensed aesthetic injectors
  • Have an artistic eye for balance, symmetry and aesthetics
  • Use the latest fillers with minimal swelling side effects
  • Show before/after examples of their filler work

Ask to see a portfolio of their post-jaw surgery filler patients. This helps determine if their style aligns with your goals. A little research goes a long way in finding the right injector.

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