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Sculptra in Marlboro, NJ

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Sculptra is an injectable anti-aging treatment that can help restore facial volume and contour. If you’re interested in Sculptra rejuvenation from leading Marlboro provider Dr. Lanna Aesthetics, this guide covers key details about the procedure.

What Exactly Is Sculptra and How Does It Rejuvenate Facial Skin?

Sculptra contains poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), a biocompatible synthetic material that stimulates collagen production. It is injected into facial tissue in a series of treatments.

As the Sculptra PLLA microparticles gradually degrade, they spark collagen growth. This restores lost volume to sunken or hollow areas of the face. Results appear gradually over weeks to months for very natural-looking improvements.

Sculptra is an excellent option to replenish facial fullness caused by aging or weight loss. It can enhance cheeks, temples, chin and other areas.

What Are the Main Benefits of Sculptra Injections?

Sculptra offers several advantages as a dermal filler:

  • Long-lasting results - Effects can persist for up to 2 years with optimal treatment
  • Gradual, natural-looking improvements
  • Ability to target multiple facial areas
  • Safe, biocompatible PLLA formula
  • Non-surgical, convenient office procedure
  • Little to no downtime required

Sculptra works beneath the skin over time, so you don’t have to worry about abrupt changes in facial appearance.

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Who is a Good Candidate for Sculptra?

Ideal Sculptra candidates include:

  • Men and women looking to restore lost facial volume
  • Those with sunken cheeks, temples, chin or under eye hollows
  • People seeking improvement in wrinkles and skin texture
  • Individuals who want subtle rejuvenation and enhancement
  • Patients not ready for surgical facelift procedures

A consultation helps determine if Sculptra is suited to your unique cosmetic goals.

How is the Sculptra Procedure Performed at Dr. Lanna Aesthetics?

The Sculptra procedure at Dr. Lanna Aesthetics is a smooth, seamless experience performed right in the comfort of our Marlboro office. 

Before injections, we gently cleanse and numb the treatment areas to maximize your comfort. Dr. Lanna Cheuck then uses an ultrafine needle to precisely administer the Sculptra filler in small amounts to strategic points on the face. She has an artistic eye for facial harmony and proportions, customizing the injection approach based on your individual facial anatomy. 

After injections are complete, Dr. Lanna will gently massage the areas to ensure the PLLA particles are evenly distributed for smooth, uniform results. Typically a series of Sculptra sessions spaced 3-4 weeks apart are needed for optimal correction. 

Dr. Lanna may also supplement Sculptra with other complementary treatments if indicated. With her advanced expertise and custom approach, you can trust Dr. Lanna to deliver beautiful, balanced Sculptra results tailored to your unique aesthetic goals.

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Dr. Lanna isn't called The Celebrity Liquid Facelift Doctor for no reason. Dr. Lanna's injectable expertise and technique can help anyone achieve their ideal beauty goals. Call us today to schedule your first consultation with Dr. Lanna Aesthetics.


Why Choose Dr. Lanna Aesthetics for Sculptra in Marlboro, NJ?

With her stellar reputation and dedication to patients, Dr. Lanna Cheuck stands out as a premier choice for Sculptra treatments in Marlboro, NJ. 

Located in Marlboro, NJ, Dr Lanna Cheuck and her expert team have performed over 10,000 successful aesthetic treatments, establishing themselves as leaders in the field.

At Dr Lanna Aesthetics, you can expect personalized and safe treatments that are tailored to your specific needs. Dr Lanna herself is known as the "Celebrity Liquid Facelift Doctor" and is highly regarded for her non-surgical facelift using injectables to combat signs of aging.

Whether you're looking to enhance your facial features, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, or achieve a more youthful appearance, Dr Lanna Aesthetics has you covered. Their range of services extends beyond laser hair removal to include neurotoxin injections, dermal fillers, and more, ensuring that you have access to the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine.

Is Sculptra Right for You? Aesthetic Goals to Consider

The injectable Sculptra may be an excellent option if you are hoping to subtly rejuvenate, enhance and restore lost volume to certain facial areas. 

Ideal candidates for Sculptra include men and women bothered by hollow, sagging cheeks, temples or chin that make them appear older. Those with wrinkles, creases and thinning skin quality in areas like smile lines and cheeks may benefit from Sculptra’s collagen-stimulating effects. 

Individuals who want to smooth facial lines but need more gradual, natural-looking improvement than neuromodulators like Botox provide may find Sculptra effective. Patients aiming to achieve gentle lift or refinement of facial contours without surgery are also good Sculptra candidates. Sculptra could help you gain renewed volume and youthfulness in specific facial zones to meet your cosmetic goals. Schedule a consultation to see if Sculptra injections are right for you.

Dr Lanna Aesthetics: Your Go-To for Aesthetic Medicine and Facial Enhancements

Sculptra offers effective facial rejuvenation using your body’s own collagen. With a skilled injector like Dr. Lanna Cheuck, you can enjoy safe, natural-looking results. Contact Dr. Lanna Aesthetics to learn more about Sculptra’s rejuvenating benefits.