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How to Take Care of Your Jaw and Chin After Dermal Filler Injections

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Those who want to enhance their facial features and reduce the appearance of deeper lines and wrinkles prefer dermal filler treatments to surgery. Especially when making the face look skinnier and more chiseled, they tend to try chin and jawline filler procedures. Aside from having an FDA approval, this solution is minimally invasive,requires little to no downtime, and is good for those who don’t want to fully commit to fillers because it’s not permanent. However, dermal fillers aren’t without proper aftercare.

So how do you take care of your jaw and chin after your dermal filler procedure? The jaw and chin can feel tender after receiving injectable fillers, so you must avoid getting into contact with warm temperatures, engaging in strenuous activity, and applying harsh makeup. Avoid other aesthetic treatments while your face is recuperating, use a gentle cleanser, avoid pressure, and stop taking alcoholic beverages and NSAIDs for the time being so that you prevent common side effects from getting worse.

Jaw and Chin Filler Aftercare

You may have heard about cosmetic fillers from celebrities, influencers, or even some of your friends who've had them done. Aside from this popular treatment, many patients also receive jaw and chin filler injections to enhance weak chins and make their faces look skinnier and more contoured. With the right amounts of injections of filler, they've reported significant enhancements.

While facial treatment with chin filler injections is a non-surgical procedure, you'd still need to observe proper dermal filler aftercare – this will help you better achieve your desired results without any unwanted complications or inconveniences. Avoid warm temperatures, rigorous exercises, alcoholic beverages, blood thinners, pressure, harsh makeup, and other cosmetic procedures. Use a gentle cleanser while your face is healing.

1. Avoid Warm Temperatures

Avoid getting your face into contact with anything warm for the next 24 hours after receiving injections of dermal filler products. This means you might need to steer clear of saunas, hot showers, spas, and steams for now. You especially need to avoid direct sunlight as well.

This is because warm temperatures can cause sudden peaks in your blood pressure, worsening the bruising and pain at the injected site. Experienced injectors will make your procedure as comfortable as they can by using a tiny needle and applying numbing cream when injecting your hyaluronic acid fillers. But these needles will still create small punctures in your skin and sometimes nick a blood vessel or two, resulting in bruising.

2. Avoid Strenuous Exercises

If you're about to undergo a jaw and chin filler procedure in the next few days, you might want to schedule your workout ahead of your treatment session. After your dermal filler appointment, you're discouraged to engage in vigorous exercises.

Like getting into contact with warm temperatures, strenuous exercises also heighten your blood pressure, which will make the injected site more painful and might worsen your bruises.

3. Use a Gentle Cleanser

The needles used on you might be tiny, but it's still a small open wound–these punctures might still be sensitive. Harsh chemicals might cause skin irritations and other adverse effects. Consult your doctor about the best cleanser to use.

4. Avoid Applying Makeup

Avoid applying makeup on the day of treatment. That's why it's best to schedule your treatment weeks, or best, months before a special event, so your look and makeup wouldn't become affected. If you should apply makeup, it's best to wait for at least 24 hours or consult your dermatologist about the right type of makeup safe for your dermal filler-treated face.

5. Avoid Blood Thinners

Some patients take NSAIDs such as Advil, after (and even before) their jaw and chin filler treatment to ease the pain. However, taking these types of medications may actually worsen your temporary side effects, so you might want to avoid taking them for at least 48 hours after your procedure.

Ibuprofen and other blood thinning medications reduce coagulation or slow down the blood clotting action of your platelets. As your filler injections cause small wounds, you might want your body to cover these up with the help of your coagulation factors. Taking NSAIDs will slow down this process and allow more blood to flow out of a damaged blood vessel, worsening the bruising and the pain.

6. Avoid Alcoholic Beverage

Avoid alcoholic beverages before and at least 12 hours after your dermal filler injection. Alcoholic beverages, even wines and other spirits, have similar effects to blood-thinners. You might want to adjust the schedule of your wine party after your dermal filler treatment.

7. Avoid Other Cosmetic Procedures

Your skin and the injected sites will still be sore after your chin and jaw filler treatment, so it's best to leave it to rest from other cosmetic procedures, like facials, chemical peeling, and more for 2 weeks after treatment.

Your chin and jaw still have open wounds that need healing, so undergoing other cosmetic treatments too soon might give you risks of active skin infection and inflammation. Your other side effects might also worsen because of procedures like steaming, pressure, and the application of harsh chemicals on the treatment site.

8. Avoid Pressure

As much as it can be tempting to touch the new volume in your chin and jawline, doing so might risk skin irritation and rarely, dermal filler migration. Avoid applying pressure to the treated area for 2 to 4 hours after the treatment because your fillers might move to their surrounding parts from the desired area. Fortunately, this negative adverse effect happens rarely.

This applies to sleeping – lay on your back for the first 3 nights after your chin and filler treatment to ensure that the substance stays in place.

Side Effects to Expect

Observing the proper dermal filler aftercare also includes becoming informed about the side effects you can expect. This allows you to stay calm while your dermal fillers are setting in and avoid making rash decisions to ease the side effects.

The common side effects to expect from receiving jaw and chin filler treatment are the following:

  • bruising
  • itching
  • pain
  • rash
  • redness
  • swelling

These side effects are usually mild and shouldn’t be a cause of concern. This just means that your body is reacting to the types of fillers used for enhancing the pain. These will resolve within 7 to 14 days.

While the health risks from dermal filler treatments are relatively slimmer than surgical solutions, you should still be prepared for these possibilities. Ensure the proper ways to avoid them, such as seeking the services of a reliable aesthetic clinic and following the steps for dermal filler aftercare.

Here are some of the rare side effects caused by filler injections:

  • allergic reaction
  • blood vessel injury
  • blindness caused by fillers in the artery that block blood flow to your eyes
  • filler leaking out of the injection site
  • filler migration
  • granulomas or inflammatory reactions from the filler
  • infection
  • nodules around the injection site, needing surgery for removal
  • tissue death caused by blocked blood flow

These side effects are pretty rare and likely to happen if you’ve received injections from an inexperienced injector. Once you experience these symptoms, call the emergency hotline in your area immediately.

Get Your Chin and Jaw Fillers from Dr. Lanna

jaw and chin filler treatment aftercare

Following your dermal filler aftercare protocols is just as important as getting the ideal results of your chin and jaw enhancement treatment. This is only a minimally invasive procedure, so it only requires minimal downtime, allowing you to return to your normal activities shortly. It just has a few restrictions to keep your healing process sailing smoothly, so it’s best to do the right aftercare practices.

Seek your dermal filler treatment from a reliable service provider who will guide you from your consultations to your healing process, like Dr. Lanna. Reduce your risks of having long-term side effects by choosing Dr. Lanna Aesthetics. We strive to keep our customers satisfied through our expertise in providing different aesthetic solutions to them. Contact us today to learn more about our chin and jaw filler treatments.

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