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Exploring Voluma for Cheek Enhancement

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A More Youthful Look Without Going Under the Knife

We all want to look and feel our best. 

For many, that means restoring a more youthful, vibrant appearance. If sagging cheeks or lost volume in the midface is making you look or feel older than you'd like, cheek fillers with Juvederm Voluma may be the perfect solution.

At Dr. Lanna Aesthetics, cheek filler treatments are one of our specialties. Our founder, Dr. Lanna, is renowned internationally for her artistic eye and expert technique with dermal fillers like Voluma. She has performed countless successful procedures over the years, always striving for natural, balanced results.

But you might be asking… how many treatments of Voluma are actually needed to rejuvenate the cheeks? And what results can you realistically expect from this popular dermal filler?

What You Need to Know About Juvederm Voluma Treatments For Cheek Fillers

cheek filler treatment

So how many Voluma treatments for cheek fillers will you need? The number can vary based on factors like:

  • Your individual facial anatomy and goals
  • The amount of volume loss you're looking to restore
  • Your body's metabolism of the filler over time

During your consultation, Dr. Lanna will evaluate your unique needs and devise a customized treatment plan. Often, 1-2 syringes of Voluma injected precisely into the cheek area can beautifully lift and contour the midface.

Results are visible right away and continue to improve over the next few weeks as the filler settles. While individual response varies, most patients enjoy benefits for around 2 years before a touch up is needed.

How Frequently Should Touch Ups Be Made?

For most Voluma patients, the recommended frequency is every 18-24 months. Your provider can assess your individual case, but in general patients do not require injections more than once a year to sustain results. 

Some patients may opt for a touch-up at the one year mark if they feel the cheeks have lost volume earlier than expected. 

The duration of Voluma cheek fillers depends on factors like the injection technique, depth and dosage used, as well as your natural metabolism and aging process. 

What Are the Costs per Voluma Cheek Filler Treatment?

While Voluma provides enduring cheek enhancement, it comes at a price. Here's an overview of the typical costs associated with Voluma treatments:

  • Per Syringe Pricing - The average cost of one 1mL syringe of Voluma is $800-$1,200. Pricing varies by geographic region, the clinic and injector you choose, any discounts or promotions, and whether your state charges tax on cosmetic procedures.
  • First Treatment vs Follow-Up - Some offices offer pricing specials for your first syringe to acquire new patients, around $750-$950 per syringe, with subsequent syringes costing closer to $1,000+ when you come back for maintenance.
  • Additional Volume Discounts - Most offices have volume discounts if you purchase multiple syringes in the same visit, usually around $100 off per additional syringe.
  • Repeat Customer Loyalty Programs - Some practices offer rebates or rewards points for loyal repeat customers that can be applied to future treatments. This effectively lowers the price for follow-up appointments.

The total expense depends on how much product is needed to achieve your aesthetic goals and the estimated frequency of maintenance treatments. 

What Results Can Patients Expect from Voluma Cheek Fillers?

The allure of dermal fillers is the opportunity to refresh your appearance without undergoing surgery. But you likely want to see actual evidence that Voluma can provide a noticeable improvement before committing. Here’s an overview of what Voluma cheek fillers can achieve:

Restore Fullness

Voluma excels at replacing lost volume in the midface for a plumper, rounded cheek contour. The hyaluronic acid complexes offer immediate volume expansion and lift from the inside out.

Lift and Contour

A flatter, more angular facial profile develops with age as fat pads in the cheeks diminish. Voluma adds projection to the cheekbones for a heart-shaped face and more youthful structure. Patients report restored volume in the under eye hollows and temples as well.

Softer Lines and Wrinkles

Collagen and elastin breakdown leads to loose cheek skin and etched lines around the nose, mouth, and lower eyelids. Voluma helps visibly reduce these creases and wrinkles by filling them from beneath the skin’s surface.

Subtle, Natural-Looking Results 

The smooth gel consistency of Voluma integrates seamlessly into facial tissues. In the hands of a skilled injector, you should not look obviously “filled” or distorted. Outcomes appear natural, not exaggerated.

High Satisfaction Rate 

Over 90% of patients surveyed reported visible improvement in cheek fullness and an improved facial profile with Voluma filler at the 2-year mark. The majority would recommend Voluma to others seeking longer lasting filler results.

Be sure to communicate your aesthetic objectives to your provider before treatment. Use photos of yourself at a younger age as a discussion guide. An experienced injector will advise you on reasonable outcomes and customize the cheek enhancement plan to align with your expectations.

How Should Patients Prepare for and Recover from Voluma?

The minimally invasive nature of dermal fillers means there is relatively little preparation needed before your Voluma cheek treatment. But some pre-procedure steps can help make your experience as smooth and safe as possible:

  • Discontinue blood thinning medications and supplements 1-2 weeks beforehand to minimize bruising and bleeding risk. These include aspirin, NSAIDs, omega fatty acids, vitamin E, and red wine.
  • Avoid alcohol for 24-48 hours pre-treatment since it can increase swelling and irritation.
  • Also skip caffeinated beverages on the day of your appointment to keep vasodilation to a minimum.
  • Arrive with clean skin free of makeup, creams or oils so the injector can properly sterilize and visualize your facial anatomy.
  • Application of numbing cream 30-60 minutes beforehand keeps discomfort to a minimum.
  • Some offices offer patients anti-anxiety medication or analgesic gas options to use during the procedure if desired.

After Voluma injections, you can expect some mild to moderate swelling, redness, and tenderness at the injection sites. Here are some tips for a comfortable recovery:

  • Use cool compresses and head elevation for the first 24 hours to reduce swelling. Avoid strenuous activity as well.
  • Bruising, if present, typically resolves within 5-7 days. Concealing mineral makeup can mask any discoloration.
  • Tenderness at injection points should improve significantly within 3 days, with Tylenol helping ease discomfort.
  • Most patients feel presentable for normal activities the next day. Give it 2 weeks before resuming strength training or athletics.
  • Follow any additional aftercare guidance provided by your injector, such as antibiotic ointment or oral antibiotics to prevent infection.
  • Refrain from extended UV exposure, facials, laser treatments or microdermabrasion for 2 weeks post-treatment.

Reclaiming a More Defined, Sculpted Face with Voluma

cheek filler treatment

Diminishing volume and sagging skin in the cheek area makes us appear tired and aged, even if we feel youthful and vibrant inside. But synthetic fillers like Voluma offer a minimally invasive solution to roll back time and restore that plump, heart-shaped face we remember from our youth.

With Dr. Lanna's expert eye, you can trust your Voluma injections will be placed strategically to lift your cheeks and restore a graceful, heart-shaped face. Her artistic approach enhances natural beauty, never overdone.

Experience the transformative power of Voluma cheek fillers for yourself. Schedule a consultation today to get started designing your customized treatment plan. Our compassionate staff looks forward to welcoming you.

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