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Got Cheek Fillers? Don't Laser Your Face Until You Read This

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Thinking of pairing cheek fillers and laser hair removal but aren't sure about timing? With this common combination, getting it right is everything! At Dr. Lanna Aesthetics, we know how tempting it is to rush into laser hair removal right after fillers. 

However, proper timing is crucial. Getting lasers too soon can lead to inflammation, swelling, and other undesirable side effects. In this article, we provide specific guidelines on the ideal timing between fillers and laser based on our extensive clinical experience.

When Is It Safe to Get Laser Hair Removal After Cheek Fillers?

Cheek Filler Treatment

It's best to wait 1-2 weeks after getting cheek fillers before undergoing laser hair removal on your face to allow time for inflammation and swelling to settle and the skin's healing process to complete.

The Healing Process After Fillers

Based on our extensive experience at Dr. Lanna Aesthetics, it takes at least 1 week for the side effects of filler injections to resolve. During this time, your skin is going through the inflammation and healing process.

Getting laser hair removal too soon can disrupt healing in a few ways:

  • The heat and energy from the laser can interact with areas still recovering from filler trauma. This can prolong swelling and inflammation.
  • Lasers can potentially alter the look and placement of freshly injected filler. Your face needs time to fully integrate the material.
  • Sensitive skin coming off fillers is more prone to laser side effects like redness, blistering, etc. when not completely healed.

Always Talk to Your Providers

We advise speaking to both your filler injector and laser technician before deciding on timing. Factors like filler depth, laser type, and individual skin condition affect the ideal spacing between treatments.

Though research shows lasers may not directly impact deeper filler deposits, we still recommend waiting based on our clinical experience. Your providers can evaluate your unique circumstances and advise accordingly.

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What Are the Signs Your Skin Is Ready for Laser Hair Removal After Fillers?

Cheek Filler Treatment

Signs your skin has healed adequately include resolution of redness and swelling, at least 2 weeks since filler treatment, no infection at the site, and your dermatologist's approval after evaluating the treated areas.

Inflammation Has Resolved

The treated areas should no longer show swelling, redness, bruising, or tenderness from the fillers. Any irritation, bumps or discoloration should have subsided. The areas should look and feel normal again, with no lingering effects, based on our experience. 

Adequate Healing Time Has Passed

It takes around 2 weeks for filler side effects to resolve based on what we commonly observe. Allowing this window gives inflammation time to run its course and risks of complication decrease. Don't rush into lasers.

No Signs of Infection

Open wounds or scabs from the injections should have fully closed over and healed. There should be absolutely no signs of infection like warmth, pus, or oozing. That needs treatment first.

Providers Have Given the Green Light

Your dermatologist should thoroughly evaluate the treated skin and confirm it has rebounded adequately before clearing you for laser hair removal. Don't make assumptions. Get an expert opinion.

When in doubt, it pays to wait a tad longer between injectables and laser treatments. As the saying goes - better safe than sorry! Following these signs helps ensure your skin is truly ready for lasers after fillers.

Best Practices for Combining Fillers and Laser Hair Removal

At Dr. Lanna Aesthetics, we recommend following certain best practices when undergoing laser hair removal after getting cheek filler injections. This helps ensure optimal results and minimizes risks when combining these treatments.

  1. Allow Adequate Time Between Procedures

Per our clinical guidance, it is prudent to wait at least 4 weeks after receiving fillers before having laser hair removal performed on the same facial areas. This gives time for post-injection edema and contusions to fully dissipate.

  1. Adjust Laser Parameters

Be sure to notify your laser technician about recent filler injections. They can then tailor the settings appropriately, using judicious energy levels and gradual intensity ramping. This prevents over-treatment.

  1. Utilize Protective Cooling

Request that your technician employ cooling devices during your laser session. This will help safeguard sensitive skin that is recovering from fillers and mitigate adverse reactions.

  1. Adhere to Pre-and Post-Treatment Protocols

Diligently follow the preparatory and aftercare directions given by your dermatologist. This optimizes your skin’s receptiveness to lasers and facilitates proper healing.

  1. Avoid Other Inflammatory Treatments

Until your laser regimen is complete, steer clear of other cosmetic procedures like microneedling or chemical peels that can disrupt the healing process. Focus on restoration.

Play the Long Game for Laser-Filler Success

Cheek Filler Treatment at Dr. Lanna Aesthetics

At Dr. Lanna Aesthetics, our top priority is ensuring patients safely achieve the smoothest, most flawless results when combining cheek fillers and laser hair removal. While the temptation to rush treatments is real, patience truly pays off. 

By following our expert-recommended timeline and protocols in this guide, you can avoid complications like swelling, bumps, and distortion. We hope this gives you clarity and confidence to properly stage these treatments for your best skin outcomes.

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