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Will Cheek Fillers Make Your Eyes Look Smaller? The Answer May Surprise You

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Discover the truth about how cheek fillers really impact your eye size and appearance.

You want to refresh your look with subtle enhancements, but have concerns about cheek fillers potentially making your eyes appear smaller. This is a common question we get asked frequently at Dr. Lanna Aesthetics. 

In this post, we’ll explore whether cheek fillers really do make eyes look smaller. You’ll learn what causes changes in eye appearance, techniques to avoid it, and how strategic placement can balance facial proportions for a harmonious result. 

Do Cheek Fillers Make Your Eyes Look Smaller?

Cheek Filler Treatment

First, let’s demystify what exactly happens when you get cheek fillers. 

Injectable dermal fillers add subtle volume to facial areas that have lost plumpness and definition. Hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm Voluma are commonly used in the midface. Strategically placed injections can lift sagging cheeks for a sculpted look.

But you may have seen alarming before-and-after images online of “pillow face,” where overfilled cheeks seem to swallow the eyes! 

Rest assured, in skilled hands, your eyes will not be diminished. But several factors explain why cheek fillers could potentially impact eye appearance.

Understanding what makes eyes appear smaller

What exactly about cheek fillers causes eyes to potentially appear smaller? There are a few subtle visual and optical shifts that take place. As we add lift and volume to the midface area surrounding the eyes, this can:

  • Visually draw more focus to the plumper cheeks rather than the eyes
  • Create slight shadowing around the eyes from the augmented cheekbones
  • Alter the border contrasts and lines between the cheeks and eyes
  • Change the way light reflects around the ocular region
  • Affect the visible proportion of sclera (white of eye) shown

However, there are injector techniques and treatment plans we’ll customize to prevent this effect and actually make your eyes the star of the show. Let’s explore how.

What Really Causes Changes to the Eyes?

Now that we’ve demystified whether cheek fillers inherently shrink eyes (they don’t!), let’s explore the factors that can indirectly cause changes in eye appearance. Understanding facial anatomy helps prevent this.

Migration Effects

 Like thick pancake makeup, superficial filler placement can cause product migration. Gravity draws fillers downward, causing potential puffiness around the eyes. That’s why Dr. Lanna injects deep within the cheek’s submuscular fat pads. This provides lift without migration.

Overfilling and Proportional Imbalance

Adding too much volume in the wrong facial areas throws off ideal proportions between features. The cheeks should align pleasingly with your eyes, nose and mouth. Overfilling causes disproportion and the perception of smaller eyes. 

Pulling of Orbital Muscles

 Filler placed too close to the orbit can involuntarily contract eye muscles. This gives a tight, squished appearance. By avoiding the orbicularis oculi muscles, Dr. Lanna keeps your eyes relaxed and open.

Lack of Eye Rejuvenation

 A hollow, sagging eye area beside plump cheeks also disturbs facial balance. Combining cheek fillers with treatments like undereye filler and Botox brow lift maintains proportion. 

The Missing “Triangle of Beauty”

Respected facial anatomy principles highlight the “triangle of beauty” between the eyes and cheekbones. But neglecting this triangular region leads to an imbalanced, aged look. This is why Dr. Lanna precisely targets this zone for natural, eye-enhancing results.

Evaluating Changes to Your Eye Size and Appearance

Cheek Filler Treatment

The question of whether cheek fillers alter eyes often comes down to perception. But objective measurements and assessments can quantify actual visual changes. Here are techniques we use to evaluate eye appearance when planning your ideal treatments:

Measuring Eye Dimensions

Detailed measurements of your eye shape and structure are taken before injecting. We check both the length between tear duct and outer eye corner, as well as the aperture width when open. Post-treatment measurements let us assess if any change occurred.

Reviewing Before-and-After Photographs

Comparing your pre- and post-procedure photos allows us to evaluate if the eyes appear different. We check for balanced facial thirds and ideal focal points. Any perceived size changes are typically optical illusions that powerful cheekbones and facial harmony create.

Analyzing Facial Symmetry and Proportions

Proper facial proportions are critical for an attractive, youthful look. In your consultation, we assess the ideal relationships between your eyes, nose, lips, chin, and cheekbones. Maintaining symmetry and proportion is our highest priority when developing your treatment plan.

Discussing Your Perceptions

During your follow-up visit, we’ll check if you notice any changes around the eyes. While visible differences are unlikely, we listen closely to understand your perspective. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Please always share any concerns so we can address them.

The Dr. Lanna Aesthetics Difference - Optimizing Your Eyes

Here at Dr. Lanna Aesthetics, we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach. We know that each face is unique. To optimize your eyes while enhancing your cheeks, here are some of the tailored techniques we may use:

  • Strategic Volume Placement - We carefully place filler amounts to lift and augment cheek hollows without affecting eye borders. Less is often more.
  • Supporting Eyelid Structure - Filler in the temples and lower lids can create symmetrical eye framing and support.
  • Lower Eyelid Treatment - Easily and quickly adding volume under eyes can make them appear larger and more open.
  • Multi-Treatment Plans - A combination approach over 2-3 sessions allows us to fine-tune the results and balance.
  • Follow-up Eyelid Filler - If needed, we can schedule separate eyelid treatments to optimize eye proportions after cheek filler.
  • Complete Facial Analysis - Assessing your facial thirds and angles helps us plan proportional cheek enhancement.

By carefully assessing your facial landscape, we create a tailored roadmap that is right for you.

Dr. Lanna Aesthetics: Where Artistry Meets Expertise

Cheek Filler Treatment at Dr. Lanna Aesthetics

What truly sets Dr. Lanna apart is her artistic eye. With extensive training in sculpture and an innate sense of shape, light and shadow, she approaches each face like a canvas. Her passion lies in using dermal fillers as her “paint” to create a naturally gorgeous work of art highlighting your best features.

Our clients are like family at Dr. Lanna Aesthetics. You can trust that we will take the time to understand your aesthetic goals, assess your facial landscape, and craft a treatment plan catered to you.

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