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How Many Dermal Filler Syringes Do You Use for One Treatment?

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Like Botox, Hyaluronic acid dermal filler treatments have become a mainstay in facial rejuvenation. While it’s an effective way to eliminate facial wrinkles and fine lines, many people are still worried about their faces looking frozen if they get too many filler injections. Most people want to know the right amount of filler to make their dream look to happen.

So how many dermal filler syringes does it take to achieve the best results per treatment? It all depends on the size of the treatment area, the type of filler used, and the results that the patient wants. It can be as little as a half syringe for the nasolabial fold or as many as 10 syringes for a full liquid facelift. To find out the exact filler dosage for you, make sure to consult with an experienced injector.

Recommended Filler Dosage for Various Treatment Areas

Dermal filler injection is the second most popular minimally invasive cosmetic treatment in the country right after Botox. It’s a versatile procedure that can erase static wrinkles like marionette lines, nasolabial folds, and more. Aside from being an anti-wrinkle treatment, hyaluronic acid fillers are also injected into the lips, cheeks, and tear trough area to restore lost facial volume and erase dark circles.

While a dermal filler treatment is much safer than facial plastic surgery, many patients are still hesitant about getting facial filler injections because they’re afraid that the results might look frozen and unnatural on their skin. However, these horror stories only happen with a sketchy med spa, inexperienced provider, or low-quality filler product.

One way to ensure optimal dermal filler results is to have the right dosage injected into the cheek, lip, jawline, or other treatment areas. An experienced provider knows how much HA filler should be administered since every patient has unique needs. But if you’re curious about how many filler syringes you might require, here’s a quick guide for patients:

1. Lips

Most patients only need 1 syringe of lip filler to achieve their desired results regardless of the type used. But in some cases, the patient might need up to 2 to 3 more syringes to restore the definition, structure, and volume of their thin lips. Some lip injections are also used to erase wrinkles around the mouth for more effective lip augmentation results. The best lip injection options are Restylane Silk, Restylane Kysse, Juvederm Ultra XC, and Juvederm Volbella XC.

2. Cheeks

Cheek filler treatments usually require about 2 to 6 syringes. The exact amount needed depends on how much volume the patient needs in their cheeks. Weight loss and underlying conditions may decrease the volume of fat pads in the cheeks, causing patients to need more hyaluronic acid filler injections.

Juvederm Voluma by Allergan Aesthetics is the best option for increasing the size of the cheeks, but the plastic surgeon or dermatologist may also recommend a Restylane filler like Restylane Lyft or Restylane Contour.

3. Chin and Jawline

Contouring the chin and jawline requires about 2 to 4 syringes to achieve the sharp and defined look that many patients want. Younger patients who only want slight tweaks on their chin profile can use a softer jawline filler, while older patients who lost more bone volume need firmer fillers like Juvederm Voluma or Restylane Defyne.

4. Brows

Drooping brows can be corrected using a non-surgical brow lift treatment with dermal fillers. This age-related cosmetic issue occurs as the fat volume in the area decreases. Most patients only require 1 syringe of hyaluronic acid dermal filler administered through a cannula to create a profound but natural brow lift.

5. Temple

Dermal fillers for the temple aren’t quite as common as other treatments, but even a little bit of hyaluronic acid filler in this area can greatly improve your facial profile and give your desired result. Most patients only need about 2 to 4 syringes injected around their temple to replace the volume in the hollow areas.

6. Smile Lines

Smile lines or deep nasolabial folds can be eliminated with just 1 to 2 syringes, as long as the cheeks aren’t sagging yet. Some patients may develop smile lines even before their cheeks sag because of the lost volume around the area. The best dermal fillers for smoothing smile lines or nasolabial folds are Restylane Refyne, Restylane Lyft, Restylane Defyne, Juvederm XC, and Juvederm Vollure XC.

7. Frown Lines

Frown lines (or glabellar lines) are the vertical lines in between the brows that become deeply set over time. Many patients use Botox for these frown lines, but it might not be enough in some cases. Adding even just 1 syringe of dermal filler to the Botox treatment can help erase severe glabellar lines.

8. Nose

Liquid nose jobs using dermal fillers are useful for recontouring the nose because they can smooth out bumps along the bridge for a more symmetrical look. Most patients only require about 1 syringe for the entire treatment session. Increasing the dosage may lead to safety issues like compression, swelling, and bruising.

9. Neck

Patients who want to get rid of horizontal rings about their necks can also benefit from hyaluronic acid fillers. Even just 1 syringe of dermal filler is enough to fill the lines, but patients are also advised to undergo other skin treatments like laser or RF microneedling. These procedures enhance the effects of the filler, as well as treat the overall skin laxity and crepiness of the neck skin.

10. Full-Face

Full face filler treatments come in 2 different types: facial sculpting and liquid facelift. The main difference between them is that facial sculpting only uses facial fillers, while liquid facelift also requires Botox cosmetic injections for a more comprehensive treatment.

Facial sculpting uses dermal fillers to tweak some of the patient’s facial features, enhancing their overall profile and appearance. It usually requires about 4 to 8 syringes distributed between various treatment areas like the cheeks, chin, jawline, nose, and others. Facial sculpting is great for younger patients who don’t have much aging-related volume loss yet.

On the other hand, a liquid facelift may require about 4 to 10 syringes depending on the patient’s age and desired results. During the treatment, Botox is injected into the dynamic wrinkles and dermal fillers are administered into the static wrinkles and hollow areas.

What Affects Your Dermal Filler Dosage?

a woman got dermal filler injections on her jawline

The exact amount of dermal fillers needed varies per patient because of different factors. When prescribing dermal fillers, the dermatologist or plastic provider usually considers these 3 things:

  • Size of treatment area – Smaller treatment areas like the brows, nose, and mouth area usually require fewer filler injections than others. But patients who want to treat their entire face with fillers to achieve their desired results definitely need more than just a syringe or two.
  • Type of filler – Different hyaluronic acid fillers come in different formulations meant for various treatment areas. The thicker the formulation of the dermal filler is, the less of it the patient might need to achieve their desired result.
  • Expected results – Some patients want subtle and natural-looking results while others want dramatic changes to their facial features. More fillers mean more facial volume in the treated areas.

Dermal Fillers for Every Treatment Area at Dr. Lanna Aesthetics

a woman received dermal filler injections on her lips inside Dr. Lanna's clinic

Dermal fillers are great for erasing wrinkles and increasing volume when normal skin care products aren’t enough. It’s also a good anti-aging alternative if cosmetic surgery isn’t an option for you. But to ensure natural-looking results and safe treatments, it’s important to always get the right dosage of facial fillers for your skin concerns.

At Dr. Lanna Aesthetics, we help our patients enhance their appearance by advising them on their suitability for dermal filler treatment. We always make sure to explain their options and the recommended treatment plan based on their desired results before proceeding with the procedure.

Call us today for the best dermal filler treatments and the ultimate medical spa experience.

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