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What You Need to Know About Cheek Filler Aftercare

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The duration of the effectiveness of cheek filler treatments depends on many factors such as the type of dermal filler used, the way these cheek fillers were injected, how well you prepared for your cheek filler session, and how well you followed aftercare instructions. It’s essential to take note of the dos and don’ts after the cheek filler treatment session, including the instructions on how to sleep without disrupting fillers.

So how should patients who had cheek filler treatments sleep after their filler treatment sessions? Always keep in mind to sleep on your back after your cheek filler session, and keep your head elevated for at least a few days after the treatment. Doing so allows the filler to settle properly and more effectively.

Cheek Filler Aftercare Sleeping Tips: Can I Sleep On My Face After Cheek Fillers?

As a general rule, patients should avoid sleeping for at least 3 to 4 hours after their dermal filler session. Not doing so would increase the risk and actual swelling of the injection site. If the sleeping instructions aren’t followed, it may lead to deformation of the cheek filler treatment area and filler migration as well, so it’s essential to stay upright within a specific time period.

And while there are some cases when filler migration is intended, it’s still dependent on your facial anatomy if filler migration would work out aesthetically or not. Without the assistance of your aesthetic provider, then the filler migration caused by inappropriate sleeping positions will only lead to deformation.

Those who have just had their cheek fillers done should avoid sleeping on their face after their cheek filler treatment session — instead, they must sleep on their back with their head slightly elevated.

Upon injection of the cheek fillers, it usually takes at least 2 weeks for it to fully settle within the skin. Depending on the kind of dermal fillers injected, that’s the period of time it would take for cheek filler results to also be visible.

After How Long Can I Sleep On My Side?

The recommended period of sleeping on the side after cheek filler treatments is until it has fully settled within the skin. Once the filler has settled, it would be able to take the normal pressure and its proportion wouldn’t be affected by environmental and aftercare issues anymore.

But do note that this can be done for at least 24 to 48 hours, or 3 nights following the treatment session to ensure that the cheek filler stays in the treatment area. Other aesthetic providers would recommend extreme caution and aftercare for up to 3 weeks. This depends on the patient’s condition and the aesthetic doctor’s recommendation.

How to Sleep After Cheek Fillers: Best Sleeping Positions After Facial Fillers

The only sleeping position recommended after cheek filler treatments is to sleep on an individual’s back, with at least 2 pillows to keep the head slightly elevated. This helps retain fillers in the treatment area as they settle, and it keeps the fluids away from the head to reduce bruising and swelling. To ensure that you don’t forget about this rule, it would be helpful to wrap a neck pillow around the neck so the head is stabilized.

Safety of Cheek Filler Treatments

All cosmetic treatments have their own risks and side effects, including cheek filler treatments. Generally, dermal filler injections only involve minimal side effects which tend to disappear after a few weeks following the treatment session. This also applies to cheek filler treatments, lip filler treatments, tear trough filler treatments, and most other dermal filler treatments.

After the cheek filler treatment session, patients are likely to experience the following adverse effects:

  • Minimal pain
  • Redness or discoloration
  • Itchiness, hives, or nodules
  • Bleeding or blood clotting
  • Swelling or tenderness
  • Cold sores
  • Bruising

In some cases, cheek fillers may include ingredients that may trigger allergies or skin infection. These may be prevented upon full disclosure of your medical history with your aesthetic provider. Getting cheek fillers carries a certain risk of getting complications, so it’s best to discuss it with your doctor.

Why You Need to Find a Good Aesthetic Provider for Cheek Fillers

While cheek fillers are generally safe and mostly FDA-approved, remember that it’s still important to find a good aesthetic provider for cheek filler injection treatments to get the best results with minimized risks of getting complications like filler migration, deformation or worse, infections.

There are instances when unintended cheek filler migration due to causes other than not sleeping as prescribed, can lead to unfavorable effects, which is a common occurrence for hyaluronic acid filler products. Thus, these instances further emphasize the need for expert aesthetic services.

Meanwhile, there are also cases when facial filler injections aren’t sufficient to correct fine lines or act as acne treatment and anti-wrinkle injections. In some cases, facial plastic surgery performed by a plastic surgeon, Botox injections, and other kinds of injectable treatments (e.g, lip injections) are required to correct problem areas such as dark circles or enhance facial volume.

Aside from the actual treatment session, aestheticians are the ones responsible for providing a comprehensive treatment plan and complete post-treatment care instructions for the patients. These are highly dependent on how well they’ve performed the assessment of your medical history.

If you want to achieve your beauty goals safely and effectively, it’s best to look for an aesthetic provider who’s open to a thorough discussion on the things to keep in mind before, during, and after the treatment. It helps to do some research on their expertise through customer reviews.

Recovery Period From Cheek Filler Treatments

a woman put ice pack on her cheek

One of the advantages of having cheek fillers compared to other cosmetic treatment alternatives is their minimal downtime and short recovery period. The recovery period of cheek filler treatments isn’t asking for too much from patients. Post-treatment instructions usually center around taking caution and allowing fillers to settle without any disruption.

The entire duration of recovery from the cheek filler treatment, including its expected normal side effects, would take approximately 2 weeks up to a month. This depends on the following factors:

  • Kind of dermal filler used
  • Aesthetic provider’s expertise in cosmetic fillers
  • Bodily reaction to the dermal filler injected
  • How well aftercare instructions for cosmetic fillers were followed

Cheek Fillers Aftercare: What Not to Do After Cheek Fillers

As the injected area recovers from the cheek filler injection treatment, it’s important to take note of dermal filler aftercare instructions to maximize the effectiveness of the cheek filler treatment session. Other than instructions on the proper way of sleeping, the following instructions on what not to do after cheek filler treatments should be kept in mind:

  • Don’t smoke or engage in intense exercise
  • Stay away from extreme temperatures (i.e, extreme heat or cold)
  • Don’t put on makeup for the first 24 to 48 hours following the treatment session
  • Don’t touch the treatment area for a period of time after the treatment session
  • Don’t forget to apply an ice pack or heating pad to reduce swelling or bruising

For the post-treatment instructions for other cosmetic injection treatments such as Botox aftercare instructions, consult with an aesthetic doctor or plastic surgeon.

Long-Lasting Cheek Filler Treatments by Dr. Lanna Aesthetics

a matured woman had cheek filler treatment at Dr. Lanna's clinic

The longevity of the effect of cheek filler treatments depends on many factors, among which is how well you’ve followed aftercare instructions as prescribed by your aesthetic doctor. Some aftercare instructions like sleeping in a certain manner may sound uncomfortable at first, but the short-term sacrifices required after the treatment session will eventually lead to long-term satisfaction from dermal filler results.

Only trust the services of a board-certified aesthetic doctor such as Dr. Lanna when it comes to lip fillers, tear trough filler treatment, cosmetic injection treatments, and overall skin care. Over the past decade, she has built a reputation for herself as one of the best master injectors and trainers in the industry. Her life-changing results in using dermal filler injections have attracted patients from all over the country.

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