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A Guide to Achieving Charming Facial Features

Facial features play a significant role in modern notions of beauty and attractiveness. A charming smile can light up one's entire face, conveying a sense of youthfulness and joy. For many, the presence of dimples when smiling enhances the appeal of their smile in a special way. Traditionally viewed as a sign of beauty, dimples have captivated people for generations.

However, not everyone is fortunate enough to be born with natural cheek dimples. With the advancement of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, it is now possible to achieve the coveted look of dimples through dermal filler techniques, providing an artificial yet aesthetically pleasing option for those seeking this attractive trait.

This guide explores the use of cheek fillers as a method for dimple creation and achieving charming facial features for one's smile.

Understanding Dimples: Origin and Aesthetics

Dimples are small indentations or depressions that appear on the skin, typically on the cheeks or chin. They are considered attractive and are often associated with a youthful and charming appearance. There are two types of dimples that can enhance facial features.

  • Cheek dimples are the most common and appear when smiling or making certain expressions.
  • Chin dimples, also known as cleft chins, appear as small indentations in the center of the chin.

Facial Muscles and Dimple Creation

The buccinator muscle, located in the cheeks, plays a role in cheek dimple formation by pulling the skin inward when contracted. The zygomaticus major muscle extends from the cheekbone to the mouth corner and pulls the skin upward, accentuating cheek dimples when contracted.

Natural Dimples vs. Traumatic Dimples

Natural dimples are present from birth due to a small adhesion between the skin and muscles. They usually appear symmetrically when smiling. Traumatic dimples result from localized trauma or injury, causing non-genetic and potentially asymmetric dimples through scar tissue formation or adhesions.

Dimple Creation: The Surgical Option

a woman receiving cheek fillers

Dimple creation surgery, also called dimpleplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure used to form cheek dimples. Naturally occurring cheek dimples develop as a result of indentations that appear when some people smile. Certain cultures view dimples as a symbol of attractiveness, fortune, and good luck.

The surgical approach aims to replicate natural dimples as closely as possible. It involves the surgeon selectively weakening the cheek muscle underlying the desired dimple location. A small incision provides access to make a controlled defect in the muscle. This strategically placed defect causes the overlying skin to indent inward forming a dimpled appearance when smiling or activating the cheek muscle.

The Procedure

The procedure involves several key steps:

Consultation: You will meet with the plastic surgeon to discuss goals, facial anatomy, and optimal dimple placement.

Anesthesia: The surgery is typically done under local anesthesia with or without sedation for comfort.

Marking the Area: Prior to starting, the intended dimple site is marked on the skin.

Incision: A small opening is made inside the mouth for a scarless result. No external incisions are needed.

Working on the Muscle: The buccinator muscle inside the cheek is worked on to create a controlled defect mimicking natural dimple formation.

Suturing: If needed, sutures may be placed inside the mouth to support the new dimple shape and depth.

Recovery: Instructions are provided on wound care and managing discomfort. Recovery time varies but most can resume normal activities quickly.


As with any surgical procedure, there are possible risks to consider with dimpleplasty. However, complications are relatively uncommon when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon. Some potential complications include:

InfectionThere is a small risk of infection, similar to any surgery with incisions. Symptoms may include increased pain, redness, or drainage. Antibiotics can prevent infection.
SwellingShort-term swelling is common, taking 1-2 weeks to subside. Cold compresses can help reduce it. Severe or prolonged swelling might affect dimple outcomes.
Temporary WeaknessMuscle defect leads to temporary mild facial muscle weakness on the treated side. Weakness fades as healing happens, but may persist for weeks.
AsymmetryNatural facial asymmetry makes perfectly symmetrical dimples challenging. Minor asymmetry usually fades, but severe cases might need revision surgery.

Cosmetic Procedures for Dimples

Dermal fillers provide a non-surgical option for dimple enhancement. Chin and cheek fillers can be used to sculpt features for dimple aesthetics.

Using Dermal Fillers

Chin fillers can create or enhance a cleft chin while cheek fillers inject volume into the cheeks to form dimples. Fillers are injected via a small needle, with results typically lasting several months.

Cheek fillers add volume to lift and define the cheeks, potentially creating more youthful dimples. Chin fillers similarly sculpt the chin area. Customizable volumes allow adjustment to desired aesthetic goals.

Benefits and Risks

Key benefits include a non-surgical approach and quick recovery. However, potential risks include bruising, swelling, infection, and allergic reaction at the injection site.

Side effects like redness, swelling, and bruising are mild and temporary. Serious issues like infection or reaction are rare. A skilled provider can safely optimize dimple aesthetics using minimally invasive fillers.

The Comprehensive Consultation

When considering any cosmetic procedure, a thorough consultation with a qualified facial sculpting expert is essential. During the consultation, multiple items will be addressed.

  • Establishing Goals: The doctor will help establish both aesthetic and cosmetic goals to optimize outcomes. Detailed pictures can be taken to allow monitoring of results.
  • Treatment Planning: All options including fillers or surgery will be outlined. The doctor will explain risks like adverse outcomes to help select the most suitable treatment plan.
  • Understanding Results: Realistic expectations will be discussed regarding the degree of dimple enhancement possible and potential imperfections. Special touch-up offers may be available.
  • Optimizing Safety: The doctor can screen for any medical conditions affecting risk and provide pre and post-op care instructions. Potential side effects are reviewed.
  • Tailor Treatment: By learning facial anatomy and capabilities, the expert can tailor the ideal minimally invasive or surgical approach. This comprehensive discussion allows the patient to provide fully informed consent.

Dimples Without Surgery

For those seeking dimple creation through non-invasive means, several alternative options exist.

Facial Exercise: Myth or Reality?

Some claim specific repeated muscle motions can develop dimples over time. However, most experts view true dimple formation from exercises as unlikely.

Combination Treatments

More reliable non-surgical approaches use temporary combinations:

  • Contouring with carefully placed fillers in the cheek hollow can mimic the dimpled appearance.
  • Muscle relaxants in tandem with fillers may subtly flatten the cheek muscle, augmenting the filler dimple shape.
  • Targeting adjacent zygomaticus major or risorius muscles with minor relaxant injections alongside fillers aims to enhance the dimple contour.

Other Aesthetic Enhancements

While not directly creating dimples, complementary aesthetic treatments can holistically enhance facial beauty:

  • Skin resurfacing procedures like lasers reduce fine lines, lifting the cheeks for a youthful glow around the dimple area.
  • Skin needling or PRP "skin stick" methods plump and tighten skin surrounding the hollow created through other combination therapies.

Factors to Consider Before Opting for Cheek Dimple Filler Treatments

Several factors help determine if a patient makes an ideal candidate for a minimally invasive technique like cheek dimple fillers:

Facial Assessment

The patient should have cheek structure and elasticity conducive to creating or augmenting dimples safely through temporary filler injections. Significant skin laxity could reduce efficacy.


While dimple fillers have no strict age limitation, younger patients where skin retains elasticity often achieve more natural-appearing results.

Health and Lifestyle

General healthy lifestyle habits help ensure skin quality and proper healing. Underlying medical conditions are reviewed for any impact on bruising or risks.

Expectations and Commitment

The candidate should understand dimple fillers as a customized, temporary enhancement requiring periodic touch-ups or "fill" injections to maintain. Results will not match surgery.

Consultation and Screening

A thorough consultation allows the provider to evaluate candidacy through a medical history review, physical exam, and determining if the patient is a good personality fit.

Through this screening process, dimple fillers can be custom-planned for qualified patients seeking a minimally invasive aesthetic enhancement approach.

The Timeless Allure of Dimples

The charm of dimples has enthralled people for generations. Their natural appearance enhances smiles and brings liveliness to one's facial expressions. While not all benefit from genetically inherited dimpled cheeks, modern advancements now afford natural-looking options.

Embracing cosmetic treatments to highlight attractive traits allows individuals to embrace customized beauty. Whether through dimpleplasty, filler contours, or combining techniques, the desire to sculpt facial features stems from celebrating one's appearance.

Seeking professional guidance from experienced facial sculptors expertly trained in nuanced solutions provides the best avenue to safely achieve satisfaction. Dr. Lanna Aesthetics' specialists take a personalized approach dedicated to each patient's unique goals and anatomy.

Consult with the Experts

If you would like to explore dimple creation or enhancement through dermal fillers, consult with the experts at Dr. Lanna Aesthetics for your personalized evaluation and treatment planning session. Our team of board-certified providers will take the time to understand your aesthetic desires and recommend tailored solutions for achieving natural-looking results. Contact us today to schedule your confidential consultation and begin your journey to a more charming smile.

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