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Cheek Fillers and Alcohol: Precautions and Aftercare Tips for Optimal Recovery

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Many first-timers who opt for cheek augmentation may be wondering - can I drink alcohol after my treatment? After all, who wants to miss happy hour or a casual glass of wine with dinner just because they got a little filler?

The good news is that you can generally resume moderate alcohol intake after a period of recovery post-cheek fillers. However, drinking immediately or in excess can negatively impact results.

To help patients understand the impact of alcohol on the healing process, we will explore some vital questions about it. So put down the wine glass for now and read this first!

Can You Have Alcohol After Getting Cheek Filler Injections?

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Drinking during the initial recovery period can increase risks like bleeding, swelling, and bruising. Alcohol thins the blood, expands blood vessels, and dehydrates the delicate skin of the face. These effects lead to exacerbated side effects which compromise the final cheek filler results.

However, this doesn't mean you have to avoid alcohol completely after cheek filler injections. Moderation is the way to go.

How soon can you drink alcohol after cheek fillers?

When it comes to cheek fillers, most cosmetic injectors advise patients to avoid alcohol for at least the first 24-48 hours after treatment. This allows the filler material to fully integrate into the tissue and begin the process of collagen stimulation.

While heavy, excessive drinking should be avoided for at least the first-week post-procedure, an occasional glass of wine or cocktail is unlikely to significantly impact your results once the recovery process is moving along smoothly.

Let the first 1-2 days serve as a complete alcohol-free zone as your body begins the healing response. Then assess your symptoms - if swelling and bruising are minimal, light drinking in modest amounts can likely be resumed.

Just take it slow and steady! Your injector will also provide guidance during follow-ups on when alcohol intake can be safely reintroduced.

Why Shouldn't You Drink Alcohol After Cheek Fillers?

Alcohol impacts healing in a few notable ways:

Alcohol thins the blood

This means it can increase bleeding, swelling and inflammation as the body works to close up the dermal filler injection sites. More swelling can lead to uneven distribution or clumping of the filler, resulting in an irregular appearance.

It dehydrates the skin

Alcohol is a diuretic - it causes water loss. Proper hydration is key after cheek fillers to keep the skin looking supple, smooth, and glowing. Dry skin will appear flaky, and inflamed and heal slower.

It expands blood vessels

Alcohol causes vasodilation in facial blood vessels. This expansion worsens bruising. One or two drinks can quickly turn light bruising into a more noticeable black-and-blue situation on the cheeks.

It may pave the way to serious side effects

Finally, alcohol raises the risk if there are complications like vascular occlusion where a filler clogs a blood vessel. It's rare, but alcohol can worsen outcomes due to increased blood pressure and flow. Proper injection technique helps avoid this. 

So what happens if you drink alcohol after cheek fillers? You may have to deal with delayed healing, exacerbated swelling, bruising, and bleeding risks, and negatively impact hydration levels.

All of this can lead to less-than-ideal results. That's why most experts suggest complete avoidance at least in the short term after cheek filler injections.

What Precautions Should You Take If Choosing To Drink After Cheek Filler Injections?

We know - avoiding all alcohol for weeks after your cheek augmentation can sound daunting. Maybe you have a birthday, wedding, or girls' weekend approaching. If you do plan to imbibe after your cheek filler treatment, take these precautions:

  • Avoid drinking for at least 24-48 hours. Give your body the grace period to start the healing process.
  • Stick to moderate intake. Avoid binge drinking and heavy consumption which will wreak havoc on your results.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink water before, during, and after alcohol consumption. Counteract any dehydrating effects.
  • Dodge hot saunas for now - heat will make swelling worse. 
  • Check with your provider about any supplements that may interact with alcohol use. Avoid blood thinners.

If you must drink after your cheek fillers, maintain your results by being proactive with hydration, medication, and the amount you consume. Don't go overboard and stick to light intake only after the first 2-3 days of recovery have passed uneventfully.

How Long Should You Avoid Alcohol After Getting Cheek Fillers for the Best Results?

Most injectors recommend waiting 1-2 full weeks before consuming alcohol. This allows complete healing for the best outcomes.

  • If excessive swelling, bruising, or tenderness occurs, allow even more time before drinking alcohol. Wait until all visible side effects fully resolve.
  • Always consult your injector - they may advise an even longer wait time of 3-4 weeks depending on your unique reaction and recovery process. Customization is key!
  • Don't resume drinking until any tenderness, pain, swelling, or other symptoms have completely subsided.
  • If concerning symptoms like severe swelling arise, contact your provider immediately before drinking any alcohol.

The average recovery time for most cheek filler patients is roughly 5-7 days. However, each patient heals differently based on factors like age, skin type, type of filler used, and adherence to aftercare.

Wait for the recommended minimum time mentioned above if possible, then obtain your injector's blessing prior to drinking alcohol after your cheek augmentation procedure.

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Light alcohol intake is likely fine in careful moderation a few weeks after cheek filler injections to allow proper healing time. However, drinking immediately after fillers or in excess can increase undesirable side effects and negatively impact your results and the recovery process.

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