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Achieve Youthful, Sculpted Cheeks With Fillers: Your Complete Guide to Cheek Enhancement

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Revive a Sunken, Sagging Appearance and Regain a Radiant Contour

As we age, the cheeks often show some of the most noticeable signs. Skin loses elasticity, fat pads in the midface diminish, and gravity takes its toll. The cheeks start to sink and sag, making the face look gaunt and tired.

Cheek enhancement with dermal fillers offers a safe, non-surgical solution to restore plump, lifted cheeks. Injectable fillers can add volume back into hollowed areas and recreate the triangle of youth along the cheekbones. With little downtime, fillers can erase years from your appearance.

If you’re considering reviving sagging cheeks, here’s everything you need to know about getting dramatic yet natural-looking results.

What Does an Aging Face Look Like?

A Woman Getting Cheek Filler Treatment

The cheeks tend to show aging in very characteristic ways:

  • Deepening of nasolabial folds, causing smile lines to crease from your nose to mouth
  • Hollowness or thinning of the cheeks, making cheekbones more noticeable
  • Sagging along the lower part of the cheeks, leading to jowls
  • Loss of contour and definition, giving the face a flat, shapeless look

Cheek fillers are designed to specifically target these trouble spots by replacing lost volume in the midface. The results are a lifting of the cheeks, softened folds and lines, and a restoration of the triangle of youth under the eyes and along the jaw.

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What Are the Typical Before and After Results of Cheek Fillers?

Cheek fillers by Dr. Lanna Aesthetics can make a dramatic yet very natural difference in facial appearance. Here are some of the most common before and after effects:

1Immediate volume addition and plumping of hollow cheeks
2Elevation of flat or sagging cheeks for a lifted look
3Softening of nasolabial folds and smile lines
4More defined, contoured cheekbones
5A smoother, fuller, heart-shaped face
6Temporary swelling, bruising, or redness that subsides within a week
7Gradual results over 2 weeks as swelling dissipates
8Improved elasticity and skin hydration
9Results lasting 6-15 months depending on the type of filler

What Should I Expect During a Cheek Enhancement Treatment?

Getting filler injected into the cheeks is a straightforward, in-office procedure. Here’s a step-by-step overview:


Dr. Lanna will assess your facial aesthetics and discuss treatment goals. She will thoroughly cleanse and numb the cheek area.


Using a very fine needle, she will inject small amounts of filler into the midface using a fanning technique. The filler adds volume to lift and contour the cheeks.


You may experience some temporary swelling, bruising, redness, or tenderness. Dr. Lanna can recommend icing and over-the-counter pain meds as needed. Avoid extensive facial expressions or pressure on the area.


Within 2-3 days most swelling and discoloration improve. Mild swelling may persist up to 1-2 weeks. Avoid strenuous activity for 24 hours.


Cheek enhancement results become clearly visible within 7-10 days. Optimal, final results are seen within 2 weeks as any residual swelling dissipates.

Compare the Different Filler Options for Cheeks

There are several types of dermal fillers to choose from, each with their own benefits:

Filler TypeExamplesDurationReversibilityRisk of Allergic ReactionNeed for Repeat Treatments
Hyaluronic Acid (HA)Juvederm, Restylane6-12 monthsReversibleLow riskYes, to maintain results
Calcium Hydroxyapatite (CaHA)Radiesse12-15 monthsNot reversibleLow riskLess frequent
Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA)SculptraUp to 2 yearsNot reversibleLow riskMultiple initial treatments needed

Dr. Lanna can help determine which cheek filler best suits your individual needs and treatment goals. To maintain your cheek enhancement, she will advise you on when to schedule follow-up or touch-up appointments based on the type of filler used. 

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What Are the Possible Side Effects and Risks?

As with any cosmetic treatment, there are some possible risks to be aware of:

Common temporary side effects:

  • Mild swelling, redness, bruising for 1-2 weeks
  • Tenderness and soreness at injection sites
  • Asymmetric or uneven appearance that subsides

Rare but serious risks:

  • Infection
  • Allergic reaction
  • Blood vessel blockage
  • Skin damage or tissue death

Dr. Lanna will discuss all potential risks and side effects. She can also offer pretreatment numbing creams and advice on icing and over-the-counter pain medications to minimize discomfort.

Recovery Tips and Post-Procedure Care

Here are some tips for minimizing side effects and ensuring optimal recovery:

  1. Use cold compresses on the treated area to reduce swelling. Apply an ice pack or cold compress to the treated area for 10-15 minutes at a time, several times a day for the first 48 hours. The cold temperature constricts blood vessels which reduces inflammation and swelling.
  2. Sleep face-up and slightly elevated to minimize swelling. Sleep with your head elevated on 2-3 pillows so that your head is above your heart. This allows gravity to prevent fluid from pooling in the treated area which causes swelling. Avoid sleeping on your side or stomach which can put pressure on the treated area.
  3. Avoid rubbing or massaging the treatment area. Do not rub, massage or apply any pressure to the treated area, as this can increase inflammation and swelling. Even gentle touching can aggravate the skin.
  4. Take over-the-counter pain relievers as needed. Medications like acetaminophen/Tylenol or ibuprofen/Advil can help relieve pain and discomfort after the procedure. Follow dosage instructions carefully.
  5. Stay hydrated and avoid alcohol for 24 hours. Drink plenty of water and non-caffeinated fluids to stay hydrated. Avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours, as it can increase swelling.
  6. Avoid strenuous workouts for 1-2 days. The treated area needs time to heal, so avoid activities like heavy lifting, running and other intense workouts for 1-2 days. Light walking is okay.
  7. Ask Dr. Lanna about Arnica to minimize bruising. Arnica supplements may help reduce bruising and swelling when taken before and after the procedure. Check with us first to see if Arnica is recommended.

Embark on a comfortable, customized journey to enhanced beauty with Dr. Lanna Aesthetics—schedule your cheek filler procedure today

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Cheek Fillers?

Cheek fillers can be a great option for people looking to restore a more youthful, contoured appearance to their midface. In general, the ideal candidate for cheek filler injections is someone who meets the following criteria:

  1. Age 30-early 50s

Most patients seeking cheek fillers are in their 30s, 40s or early 50s. At this age, natural fat and collagen loss often leads to volume loss in the cheeks, causing a hollow, sagging, or flattened appearance. Cheek fillers can replenish this lost volume.

  1. Mild to moderate cheek sagging and folds

Patients with mild to moderately sagging cheeks and nasolabial folds are good candidates. The injectable filler will provide a subtle lift and help smooth these areas. Severely sagging or drooping skin may need additional treatments.

  1. Volume loss in the cheeks

Flatten or sunken cheeks due to fat loss benefit greatly from filler injections to round out and lift the cheek contour.

  1. Good skin elasticity

The skin needs to have enough elasticity to contour to the enhanced cheek shape. People with very poor skin elasticity may not get optimal results.

  1. Strong bone structure

Well-defined cheekbones help anchor and support the injected filler. Weak bone structure may not sustain the same level of lift.

  1. Subtle to moderate enhancement desired

The goal should be a refreshed, natural looking contour - not major augmentation. Over-filling the cheeks can look unnatural.

  1. Realistic expectations

The ideal candidate will understand results are not permanent, and maintenance injections are required over time.

The best way to determine if you are a good cheek filler candidate is to consult with an experienced cosmetic injector from Dr. Lanna Aesthetics. We can evaluate your face, discuss options, and develop a customized treatment plan.

Revive Your Cheeks and Bring Back Your Youthful Radiance

A Man Getting Cheek Filler Treatment at Dr. Lanna Aesthetics

Over time, cheeks can lose volume and appear hollow. Strategically placed dermal fillers by an experienced provider can beautifully restore a refreshed, lifted look.

With an expert eye for shaping and balancing facial features, Dr. Lanna Cheuck helps patients achieve dramatic yet extremely natural cheek enhancements. Her advanced techniques lift and sculpt for results that turn back time.

If you want to regain your cheek contours and natural radiance, contact Dr. Lanna Aesthetics today to schedule a consultation. Discover customized options to help you look refreshed and confident.

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