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Xeomin Injections in Marlboro, NJ

Smooth Fine Lines and Wrinkles with Natural-Looking Results

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Meet Dr. Lanna, Your Trusted Xeomin Provider in Monmouth County

Experience safe and high-quality aesthetic treatments from a true expert injector.

Dr. Lanna is excited to bring her expertise in facial rejuvenation to Marlboro, NJ and serve patients throughout Monmouth County. As a board-certified plastic surgeon with thousands of successful procedures, Dr. Lanna is committed to helping patients achieve natural-looking results.

Now accepting new patients at her Marlboro office, Dr. Lanna offers Xeomin, an injectable that smooths facial wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, smile lines and improves the appearance of frown lines. With her artistic eye and gentle technique, Dr. Lanna creates customized treatment plans to relax specific facial muscles and help patients look refreshed and confident.

Read reviews from real patients and see before-and-after photos showcasing Dr. Lanna's talent with laser treatments and injectables like Xeomin. She stands behind her high-quality work, guaranteeing reliable results from Xeomin injections and all services provided.

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As the top master injector in NY and NJ, Dr. Lanna has helped countless patients achieve the look of their dreams. Let Dr. Lanna Aesthetics help with your beauty goals today by scheduling your consultation.

What is Xeomin and How Does it Work?

Xeomin contains botulinum toxin type A, the active ingredient that relaxes muscles under wrinkled skin. It blocks nerve signals, preventing muscles from contracting. This allows skin to smooth out. Xeomin is FDA-approved to temporarily treat:

  • Forehead lines
  • Frown lines
  • Crow's feet

Unlike Botox, Xeomin has no accessory proteins. This makes it less likely to trigger resistance over time. Xeomin also gives consistent results across patients.

Dr. Lanna favors Xeomin for the face as it reliably softens wrinkles in a natural way. Patients can still make facial expressions after treatment.

Why Choose Xeomin Injections in Marlboro, NJ

Xeomin offers a quick, non-surgical solution to dynamic wrinkles on the upper face caused by facial muscle movement. Benefits include:

  • Softer, more youthful appearance
  • Little to no downtime
  • Natural-looking results
  • Low risk of complications
  • No general anesthesia required

Xeomin is safe for most healthy adults but is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. It should also not be used by people with certain neuromuscular disorders like excessive sweating.

Dr. Lanna creates customized injection patterns into facial muscles for the best rejuvenating outcomes. Maintenance treatments every 3-4 months will sustain your smooth, wrinkle-free look.


FAQs About Xeomin

How long do results last?

Results last 3-4 months on average. Following Dr. Lanna's aftercare instructions can help results last longer. Maintenance injections are required to sustain your smooth appearance.

Are the results natural looking?

Yes, patients treated by Dr. Lanna retain natural facial expressions. When properly administered, Xeomin relaxes wrinkles without affecting surrounding muscles.

Does Xeomin hurt?

Most patients tolerate Xeomin injections well. Dr. Lanna uses an ultrafine needle for comfort and may apply a topical numbing agent. Any mild discomfort felt during treatment resolves quickly.

How much does Xeomin cost?

Pricing depends on how many units are needed. During your consultation, Dr. Lanna will assess your individual needs and provide an exact price.

Meet Dr. Lanna for Xeomin in Marlboro

Schedule your Xeomin consultation in Marlboro to see how this treatment can rejuvenate your appearance. Call or book online to reserve your appointment with Dr. Lanna. Her warm bedside manner and artistic skill provide natural-looking results you'll love.


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