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Meet Dr. Lanna, Marlboro's Top Botox Injector

With over 10,000 happy patients, Dr. Lanna brings her expertise in Botox to Marlboro. As a board-certified cosmetic surgeon and master injector, Dr. Lanna provides natural-looking Botox results that take years off your appearance.

Dr. Lanna has built a reputation for achieving stunning yet subtle enhancements that restore youthfulness. Take a look at real before-and-after photos of Dr. Lanna's Marlboro patients. With individualized treatment plans and an artistic eye, Dr. Lanna produces beautiful, natural-looking results that exceed expectations.

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What Is Botox?

Botox contains a purified protein that temporarily relaxes facial muscles, smoothing away wrinkles caused by repeated facial expressions. When injected into specific facial muscles, Botox blocks the signals from the nerves to the muscles. This prevents the muscles from contracting, which smoothes out wrinkles while allowing natural facial expressions.

Botox softens moderate to severe wrinkles between the eyebrows, forehead lines, crow's feet, and more. Treatment takes less than 20 minutes with no downtime. Patients see improvements within 1-2 weeks that can last 3-4 months. As an FDA-approved treatment, Botox is safe and effective when administered properly.

Why Botox Is Right for You

Botox is Dr. Lanna's most popular treatment for smoothing wrinkles around the upper face. It's an excellent option for patients who want to subtly soften the appearance of wrinkles and lines caused by facial movements.

Dr. Lanna administers Botox into the following areas:

  • Frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Horizontal forehead lines
  • Crow's feet at the corners of the eyes
  • Bunny lines on the nose
  • Marionette lines from mouth to chin

Let Dr. Lanna Aesthetics Help Today

As the top master injector in New York City, Dr. Lanna has helped countless patients achieve the look of their dreams. Let Dr. Lanna Aesthetics help with your beauty goals today by scheduling your consultation.

Benefits of Botox

As an experienced Botox injector, Dr. Lanna achieves natural-looking enhancements that take years off your appearance. Benefits of Botox include:

  • Softens the look of moderate to severe wrinkles
  • Little to no downtime after treatment
  • Noticeable improvements within 1-2 weeks
  • Takes 5-10 minutes to administer
  • Results last 3-4 months
  • FDA-approved and safe when properly administered

Your Botox Experience with Dr. Lanna

Getting Botox injections is a quick and comfortable process. It starts with a consultation to determine your facial enhancement goals and which areas to treat. Dr. Lanna will examine your face and develop a customized treatment plan.

On treatment day, Dr. Lanna applies a topical anesthetic to maximize your comfort. Using a ultra fine needle, she will precisely inject the Botox into the desired facial muscles. The procedure takes less than 20 minutes, and you're free to return to normal activities right after.

Dr. Lanna encourages patients to contact her office with any questions or concerns post-treatment. She wants you to feel fully confident in your decision to get Botox injections.

FAQs about Botox

Q: How long do results last? 

A: Patients can expect visible smoothing for 3-4 months. Results vary based on metabolism and other factors.

Q: Does Botox make you look "frozen"? 

A: In Dr. Lanna's experienced hands, Botox looks completely natural. She uses just enough to soften wrinkles while preserving facial expressions.

Q: Who is NOT a good candidate for Botox? 

A: Botox may not be recommended for certain medical conditions, medications, or allergies. This will be determined during your consultation.

Q: What is the downtime after Botox? 

A: There is little to no downtime with Botox injections. Patients can resume normal activities right after their appointment.

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Let Dr. Lanna's artistic eye provide you with natural-looking Botox results. With a customized treatment plan focused on your facial enhancement goals, Dr. Lanna delivers subtle, beautiful outcomes that restore your youthful glow.